Friday, July 31, 2009

Blue Moon Harem - Addiction

Blue Moon Harem's debut video for their single, "Addiction." This Boston-based band has had growing success in the last few years and this alternative rock tune has played through the radio airwaves all across the New England states.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TryXo Indie Invasion Tour: Derek Jordan, The J.U.S. Evolution, 9Lies & DEIN Ex

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Four bands from three countries descended on Germany in June to rock out on the first leg of the TryXo Indie Invasion Tour. Thanks to TryXo (, an online music store geared toward independent artists, this unsigned talent had the chance to show a large audience what they're made of. Here you'll see a video collage of each of the four band's performances. They {Derek Jordan, The J.U.S. Evolution, 9Lies, and DEIN Ex} each brought unique styles and sounds to the stage and the crowd responded with wild enthusiasm.

Derek Jordan leads one of two American groups that will play on the Tour. Derek's music is all about individualism. He believes strongly in the fight against conformity and his music is his main weapon. He combines crunchy distorted guitar with heartfelt vocals for a sound all his own. The J.U.S. Evolution also hails from the States. They combine rock, replete with Jimi Hendrix-style guitar solos, and heavy hip-hop influences giving this Brooklyn born band an eclectic and unique style.

Europe is well-represented at the TryXo tour. 9Lies, from Northern Ireland, brings in music influences ranging from Nirvana to U2. They blend ethereal sounds with hard rocking guitars and phenomenal solos. Representing Germany and the continent is DEIN Ex (translated as Your Ex). This Wendlingen group sings about their relationships past. Their high emotion and defiant songs are consistent crowd pleasers.

These four bands, representing three countries, two continents and rocking out in two languages all shook the house. The first leg of the TryXo Indie Invasion Tour was an incredible musical event. The second leg of the tour will take place this October and November so mark your calendars.

By Jon Peritz, MusicDishTV

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Dream of Reality - Let Me Be the One

This is the second video from A Dream of Reality's debut CD. Live performance in black and white.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Emith - High Sierra

This is the music video for "High Sierra," the first track off of Emith's album "13 Seasons." Whether performing as an acoustic duo or a full band, Emith is a perfect blend of blues, rock, folk, and country. Directed by Hartley Haverty.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kerchoonz Unveils the K-Box Portable Speaker

Kerchoonz has released a new, portable device that turns surfaces into speakers. About the size of an iPhone, the K-Box plugs into anything - laptop, phone, mp3 player, TV, iPod, etc. equipped with a headphone jack. Once placed on a flat surface, the K-Box uses its cutting-edge gel audio technology to transform the surface underneath into a speaker with excellent audio quality. The K-Box can be purchased from

Anemo - Pray

Music video for track "Pray" which is the first single by UK band ANEMO from their second studio album "Stentorian".

Pauli Carman - If You Wanna Be

Documentary footage from Pauli Carman's trip to Las Vegas - Pauli releases a listen to his single "If You Wanna Be" at a night club in downtown Las Vegas during his appearance at the Ice House.

DEIN eX on the Tryxo Indie Invasion Tour

DEIN eX, a four-piece rock band from Wendlingen, Germany, is one of four artists selected to participate in the Indie Invasion Tour established by online music retailer TryXo. This video shows a first look at DEIN eX commanding the stage and rockin with their audience.