Monday, May 30, 2011

Cutting Edge - "Judas of D.C."

The video "Judas of D.C." by rock/alternative band Cutting Edge is a musical and visual protest against the betrayal of the American people by Washington, D.C. politicians. No one is spared as it gets the message across with rock and rap that we have chosen those who are currently in office, but they're not carrying on the people's business. Images of the band begin the video, but are quickly replaced by pictures of well- known politicians and political cartoon features. With hard hitting lyrics like, "A few of the people decided you started out as good/You were chosen among the many/And we thought you understood/Then we sent you to D.C. to represent our state/And that's when you betrayed us and we all lost faith/Your insane betrayal, guess who paid for all the cost?/You turned your back on us when we needed you the most/We knew the place you were headed and it was so plain to see/You became one of them -- a Judas of D.C./, it's quite clear that this band isn't timid about speaking their minds on this subject. Fast paced, fun, and clean with a great rock vibe, this video addresses a very serious subject in an innovative and entertaining way.

Cutting Edge - "Judas of D.C."

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pennan Brae - "Pathways"

Directed by Mogcat and shot in Canada and in 6 states in the U.S. over a 10 day period, covering 6,000 miles, Pennan Brae's video "Pathways" from his debut release Shaded Joy conveys the story of a couple who are obviously experiencing some turbulence in their relationship. Initially, the young woman waits for her lover with anticipation at a restaurant, and they continue to text each other while he makes a trek that seems to take him across the world and through all types of terrain and weather. He walks in haste with the sole purpose of getting to her, but an apparent pain from the past won't allow her to believe that he's really coming. One of his last text messages to her is that "He's almost there" and to "Order a beer" for him. She responds, "Sure you are," waits a few more moments and then departs to the ladies room in disillusionment. Mere seconds later, he arrives, doesn't see her, and leaves. It's a lesson about how sometimes we fail to give each other the benefit of the doubt when we should and how if you just believe and hold on, what you've been waiting for might be just around the corner. The video is an emotional one, almost invoking tears at the end when you realize that if either of them had only given the other a break and not given up, they would be together.

Musically, the folksy harmonica plays a huge role in the song, both as part of the background and as a solo. The piano, drums, guitar and bass carry the tune well, which is easygoing and part Americana and country. Brae's mellow voice is perfect for "Pathways," which is quite touching, with lyrics like 'As the daylight shines/My mind is calmly thinking/When the evening calls/Your light is gently sinking' and 'As you draw the blinds/To end another day/Should our pathways fail/Good luck along the way'.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Cutting Edge - If The Walls Could Talk

The band Cutting Edge knows how to make a political statement with both impact and style. They simply do it musically, in a way that captures your attention and never lets go. Their video, "If The Walls Could Talk" begins with a powerful guitar lead that is backed up by a bass and rhythm guitar that go into overdrive bringing it all together. The piercing lyrics kick off a pretty substantial critique of the workings of our government, bringing to light the questions "If the walls could talk on Capital Hill, what do you think they would say? Would it be a place of honor or a place worse than hell? How can they say they truly feel our pain, when we're the ones who suffer and they're the ones that gain?" Greedy, power hungry politicians who do not have the people's best interest in mind are not spared the rod by this group.

"If The Walls Could Talk" reminds one of the way music videos used to be made – always moving, very busy and highly intriguing. It begins with a live performance and shifts constantly between pictures of the Capital in Washington, D.C., the "devils" in Washington, and scenes indicative of seduction, manipulation and crookedness. The point is firmly driven home with a talking mouth that appears on various sites in D.C. and other famous places, mouthing the words to the song, even throwing in images from Star Trek, Jay Leno and others. Highly creative and entertaining, the video is a perfect match for the track, which is thought provoking and expresses the sentiments of the way most Americans feel about the government. It's impossible to stop watching as it grabs you at the proverbial collar and leaves you thinking about what the walls would indeed say if they could talk. The perfect mixture of rock, rap, and frankness make "If The Walls Could Talk" cutting edge, fun, fresh, and fantastic!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PLUNKY & ONENESS - Plunky On Fire

The video "Plunky On Fire" by Plunky & Oneness is a live performance that was taped at the Martini Kitchen & Bubble Bar in Richmond, Virginia. First of all, kudos to the venue, an oasis of sophistication that would have been necessary to contain the hotness, professionalism, and savvy of an act such as Plunky & Oneness. The track and video build a fire so hot, you just can't sit still and don't want to! The flame changes colors from red to blue to white hot, climbing higher and higher as Plunky and his band throw down a rhythmic melody that makes you want to jump up and get busy while you're 'Burning, Burning'! A fantastic horn section and synthesizer start things off as the band declares that it's "Oh so hot" and "I'm on Fire", and you best believe they are.

This is definitely one groove that will bring everybody to their feet. The video is tastefully done, and the band, dancing, and fire sequences are captured and executed perfect. With a dance hall, jazzy, Jamaican, and just plain funky beat, the message comes across loud and clear that Plunky is indeed on fire. The performance and audience participation are more than impressive, and watching this video makes you wish you had been there to join in on this night because it was obviously a memorable experience, and one that this reviewer wishes she had been a part of.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Video: O.D - My Town

"My Town" by O.D. is a strong hip hop/rap piece with a fresh flow! With a catchy hook, and a nice flow to the track, O.D. is banging out beats with a steady buildup to get the ballers on the dance floor. The video shows O.D. and his crew in several different public sites in London as he flexes his musical muscle and declares that it's his town. The lyrics are smooth and flow well to good club beats with a nice horn and synthesizer background. The bass is pumping, bodies are bumping, and when you see it, you'll know "It's A London Thing!!!"

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