Monday, November 26, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "Working For The USA" By Americana Rocker Steve Cooke

Steve Cooke's "Working For The USA" is listed as Americana Rock, but I also hear some southern rock coming hard like the Bruce Springsteen sound. Cooke sings a very inspiring song about the USA and the working class who are the backbone of this great nation. He's a very good singer with a strong a passionate style and a mighty stage presence on this video. Shot in black and white, the video is full of color and life from Cooke and his group. The song is strong, uplifting, empowering, and is one that can touch all the workers of the USA. With a hard driving sound that slows at times to allow a sweet harmony to shine, "Working For The USA" is a song that can't and won't be contained. It's explosive and powerful, and very timely. Cooke really delivers the goods on this one. Both lyrically and musically solid, the song and video are highly inspirational and entertaining, as well as being thought provoking. The video is full of shots of real American people working and the intended connection is very well made. This is very high quality production with outstanding performances from Cooke and his Band. It's an easy sing along song, while its patriotic theme carries a positive message to bring hope, work and happiness back to America's people.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

MusicDishTV presents 'Touch Yo Body' by R&B Singer Jey Gibbs

Jey Gibbs is a treat for ladies with a smooth style and strong, sexy look. He definitely has what it takes to be a sex symbol on the big stage. His style on this song is very smooth with an alto voice that really sounds good. The video is full of shots of beautiful bodies, sounds, and scenes. From the beach to the streets, the scenes move along well with the music and the song, which is a very erotic and sexy cut. The lyrics are well written and passionately sung by Jey. This is a quality video and performance from what looks like the next sex symbol to take the musical throne. With a voice that will make women swoon and good looks to match, Jey Gibbs is the real deal. Check him and his music and video out. You won't be sorry that you did.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MusicDishTV presents Tales From The Sunset Strip, hosted by Willie Basse

Some people like Rock n Roll. Others like reality shows. And then, there are those like Willie Basse who dares to combine the two in the new internet reality television show, "Tales From The Sunset Strip." The show is hosted by none other than Basse, who is known as the "Cultural Ambassador To The Sunset Strip" and is best known as the frontman for the L.A. based rock band Black Sheep. Basse has worked with and knows some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Poison, and Buddy Miles. He and his friends have lots of stories (and secrets) to tell and they do it all on "Tales From The Sunset Strip." It's streaming right on your laptop, iPhone, or other digital device, so catch up to the hot gossip and find out what you've been missing on the Strip.

MusicDishTV Presents "Coupe De Ville" By Si Cranstoun

Si Cranstoun and his band perform the song "Coupe De Ville" lives at the Balajo, Paris in this video that's rocking and rolling and providing a good time for everyone in the listening or watching vicinity. The song is catchy, piano solo is remarkable, and Si Cranstoun has just the right vocal style for this song. Harmonies are well done, and it will be a miracle if you can sit still or down while this hot little number is playing. The video has a retro "Happy Days" look and it works well visually, where we get to see Cranstoun and crew seriously jamming. A black and white image of a lady who is definitely from the 50's is shown intermittently throughout the video, giving it even more authenticity. "Coupe De Ville" is a good time, good mood, good feeling song that's catchy and well performed and produced. You'll be singing it before you know it. The song it available on iTunes, but don't forget to catch the video. It is definitely a show not to be missed.

MusicDishTV Presents "Got A Light" By Bluerays

The video "Got A Light" by Bluerays makes it abundantly clear that these guys have talent. The lead in the band pays great respect to Michael Jackson in the manner in which he pulls off his dance moves, and the inspired moonwalk which he has mastered. The video has an overlay of a shadow of Michael Jackson dancing. A vibrant blue light then enters the lab, where the lead singer, posing as a chemistry lab worker, is transformed by the light into an entertainer when the light enters his heart. This video has very clever use of symbols and special effects. Pop music fans in India should be very proud of this band who represents them so well and has such great potential. The music is uptempo with nice use of keyboards, and drums that are played with skill, responding well to the bass. The video edits are clean, and the locations include enthusiastic high tech workers, amazing trees, and dancing on rooftops with Jackson style choreography, and happy children. There's a future for this band if they want it, they just have to keep striving, These guys could go places.

Monday, November 19, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "Molly Ringwald Is Dead" By Alternative Band Love Supine

"Molly Ringwald Is Dead" is a video featuring the new song from Love Supine. It opens in the middle of a gathering of trees, as a mysterious sound heralds in the lead vocalist who is fading into view in the distance. The colors are almost black and white with a very washed out effect. In contrast, the rock band's down beat and the power chord of guitars bring this song to life. The singer is fascinated that the 80's teen star Molly Ringwald has opinions and thoughts that he didn't expect from her. The tempo is danceable, and the vocal style a bit like Fred Schneider of B52. The lead singer and guitar are the only players in the video, so there are effective cuts to the scene in synch with the music. "Molly Ringwald is Dead", has a dark humor to it, and should be perfect for Halloween.

MusicDishTV Presents "No Place Like Home" by Infiniteloop

Infiniteloop's video "No Place Like Home" begins with bright orange flares that burst in tempo to the beat as it cuts to a crowded club and Infiniteloop plays in black and white strobe. The lead singer has very interesting lyrics, "I wanna know how long forever lasts", and he's backed by a trio of drums, bass, and guitar. The contrast of the visual to the lyrics is an attention grabber. "There's no place like home you've got one", is being sung, while the video footage shows homes being blown away during atom bomb testing. As the song asks questions about if they could be happy together, the video cuts to the band in black and white, and the bomb testing footage is bathed in a deep burnt orange color. It has a good look to it, which is probably hi def. The alternative style has some clever audio inserts of old radio ad of the 1950's over the top female voice saying "Hit the record button". Dancing to this song will be fun because the mix and the tempo are perfect for turning up your speakers, and the song is an upbeat love song. The video production is excellent, and the editing, and graphic effects are brilliant. You don't have to be humble about this. "There's No Place Like Home" is a cool video, and one that is definitely worth watching. Infiniteloop has a very radio friendly sound to their vocals and music. The mix is clean, and the singer is easy to understand with his own unique style of phrasing. Job well done!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Never Listen to Rumours" by Honest Plain John

Just one watch of "Never Listen to Rumours" tells you it's a who's who of British Rock Royalty displaying how it's done when you've got a great band, and each member has made a name for themselves: Casino Steel, Michael Monroe, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Martin Chambers (The Pretenders), Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks), Verden Allen (Mott The Hoople) & Darrell Bath (The Crybabys). The video begins with the sax player jumping on stage with an incredible red saxophone. Before a word is sung, they are pounding out power chords and the band sings a vocal hook in unison. Visually, the band is complete with 3 scantily clad female singers; all the guys have their own style of stage clothes that emanate rock star swag, with 2 Keyboard players - one on piano, and the other on the Hammond Organ. Completing their wall of sound is tenor sax, 2 guitars, electric bass, and drums. The video captures their performance on a soundstage without an audience, but they play to the viewer. The song talks about friends you can drink with, but gives a warning that one must not trust everything people say. The groove is strong, and the attitude is street smart. The rock sax solo, and guitar all add to the great vocal performance from the lead singer - the impressive Honest Plain John. This one's a keeper!