Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Giovannie Pierre-Louise's Inspirational Song "Reaching For The Stars"

The new single and video, "Reaching For The Stars", from Giovannie Pierre-Louise, known professionally as Gio, is a slow tempo number that is beautifully inspirational, encouraging, and reaches its goal of being serene, with soft but lyrically strong vocals connecting well with listeners. Fans of any music genre will be easily able to get into this song, because it has a style that simply defies categorization. In the video, Gio is sitting on a beautiful cloud, singing and reaching for her star. If she keeps producing songs like this, it's definitely not far out of reach.

One's inspiration doesn't always have to come from somewhere else; if you don't look too far you'll see it within. From Gio, "as a child I always imagined that I was in this land of make believe, with this ever lasting beauty and always used this hairbrush as my microphone. I looked up to the ceiling as if it was beautiful stars while I was singing in my own imaginary world." That was what inspired her to do this song and video, the scene just as she imagined, by herself in the snow.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MusicDishTV Presents "Rumbadoodle" By Grammy-nominated Arun Shenoy

Rumbadoodle is the title track of the GRAMMY-nominated full length studio album of Arun, exploring a bold new perspective of the gypsy rumba flamenco, combining elements of the traditional art form with a myriad of popular music forms. Recorded almost entirely live across the Globe, this record is an explorative journey, doodling across genre boundaries as we know it today, creating a unique and true masterpiece along the way.

Arun Shenoy commented on the video: "Probably inspired by what I had seen from Pink Floyd's "Pulse" I would assume to some extent. This component involved working with art director Roshni Mohapatra and the team at animation specialty house, Actuality Films in New York led by creative director Robert Capria. This led to very detailed and intricate artwork representative of each track on the album. The Afro-Cuban influence extends to the main album artwork as well. The 1950s American car on the cover is iconic of Cuba, a country cut off from the outside world after the Cuban Missile Crisis. The illustration plays like a black and white photograph and one splash of symbolic color - blue, the most characteristic of the sky, doors and cars in Havana. And the video also follows along the same vibe."

Sunday, January 13, 2013

MusicDishTV Presents "Dance With You" By Jazz-Pop Duo Miss 600

UK Based jazz-pop duo Miss 600 recently released their new video, "Dance With You". Nothing but listening with your own two ears will do this song justice. The beat is an up tempo cut that has plenty of spunk, passion and a powerhouse vocal performance from Miss 600, which includes singer-songwriter Hannah Garner and multi-instrumentalist David Amar. This is feel good music at its best! In many ways, Garner's vocal style reminds me of Beyonce, and yet it remains extraordinarily unique. This lady doesn't fit into anyone's shadow or mold. The music has a full orchestra sound, with horns and an arrangement that just doesn't quit! Amar also shows his prowess, flexing his musical muscles, and believe me, he's much more Superman in that respect than he is Clark Kent. You just can't listen to this without it impacting your mood. The duo is on a supersonic flight to stardom, and as a reviewer, I have to say that "this is a pair of artists to keep your eye on." Whether you've ever heard of them before or not, you will without a doubt find them on your radar, probably sooner than later. One can tell easily that they enjoy what they're doing, and when you have that along with the cohesiveness and brilliance the team exudes, along with raw talent and songs that transport and allow you to feel like you're at a show instead of just listening to a record, that's a winning combination.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Barbara Kiss' New Addictive Tune "Catch Me"

With a catchy, addictive tune, Barbara Kiss' "Catch Me" blends the best of pop rock and alternative and can easily become the next pop hit. The single's simple lyrics complements Kiss' innocent declaration of love. Her soft voice adds to the foot-tapping guitar rifts and is almost reminiscent of an 80s or 90s pop song, inspiring a great deal of nostalgia. The video features Kiss in black and white back-drops and her wardrobe widely varies. The transitions between a snowy outfit and a gothic get-up highlights the bitter sweet dichotomy of teenage love. The highly singable melody and fun video makes this a very enjoyable song.

Monday, December 17, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "The Controversial/Purple Thang" By Cocky Da Homo MC

"The Controversial/Purple Thang", from artist Cocky da Homo MC, is actually one of several of his videos that are available on YouTube. He does not appear on this video at all, but the listener is treated to the tracks from his recordings. In one video, he states, "Black people tell me stop comparing us to them". That does not take into account gay Black people, but hey you want your 15 minutes of fame, show us your artistic skills. The music emulates what's hot today, the synthesizer and bass parts are proper, and the drums are mixed and produced for a big sound. Music video is vital to present and represent one's message and music. If this artist is indeed serious about issues for gay hip hop artists, then I hope the next video will be "broadcast ready" because "the world" wants you to bring it for real!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "Tennis Girl" By Rock Act Black Vendetta

Rock group Black Vendetta's "Tennis Girl" is a soft rock mid tempo track that lures you in with a creative video in which a black and white visual of an "animated" person is seen in various stages of thought, as well as having a smoke and holding up placards giving information about the band. Technology is at its coolest in this fun and very entertaining way of enjoying "Tennis Girl". The lead vocalist has the perfect voice for the track, and the song is catchy with great breaks and hooks, backed up nicely by guitar strumming and bass. This is one cut that will get into your head, and you'll love every minute of it.

MusicDishTV presents Francis Bowie's "Art Zoo"

Francis Bowie’s song and video “Art Zoo” is an up tempo pop rock track that is definitely a song you’ll want to play when you’re in the mood for having a good time. Catchy, cool, and fun, the video begins in black and white, showing a young lady playing with several items with a twist of magic, as well as the lead singer in a vocal performance of the song. The video is played at a fast pace, which is in keeping with the “fun and frolicking” nature of the song. Masks, makeup, wardrobe changes, and all things “different” are the hallmark of the video. The video changes to color about halfway through, but never loses its pace or creativity. It’s all about fun. Do you feel it like I do? I bet you will!!