Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miss Kristin - Indian Summer

Created by Miss Kristin for her beautiful and original track, INDIAN SUMMER; Kristin adventures to the mountains and the desert and then back again into her own yard for an entertaining visual of this magical composition. INDIAN SUMMER features the extraordinary rock guitars of TOM LANDRY and exceptional keyboards of Robert Berry alongside Kristin's sultry and powerful vocals with her own keyboards and guitars. Intro chant and Native Flute outro by Tethered Eagle. Intro Native Flute by Miss Kristin, Outro Drum and percussion-Miss Kristin.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Julien Drolon - No More Divisions

The message of hope, peace and love for humankind and the fact that life is a gift that must be treasured in Julien Drolon's "No More Divisions" is emphasized by the accompanying video which features Julien singing and playing guitar among dancing, smiling kids of Childhope Asia Philippines. Aside from these adorable boys and girls, the video also includes shots of Julien and his band mates performing in the streets of Manila, as well as beautiful sunset scenes that add to the tone and ambiance of the song. Julien captures your attention with the song as the acoustic guitar strums into a catchy percussion groove with hand drums. A positive vibe pop tune that's fun to listen to, "No More Divisions" has clever tempo changes, solid playing, and meaningful lyrics. "No More Divisions" is an inspiring track on its own, made even more amazing with the endearing content and exceptional quality of what Julien describes as "the first chapter in our musical adventure." Picturesque, positive and filled with joyful children, our future, the song and video speak to the hope of better days to come.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arsi Nami - 100 Miles

all music lyrics,instruments by Arsi Nami
Co-Directors Dany Sery & Arsi Nami
Produced & Edited by Arsi Nami


Monday, October 18, 2010

Morning Grooves Special Digital Edition by Alessandro Bottura

Presentation clip for “Morning Grooves – Special Digital Edition”, soon available on all the major web stores.

The album consists of the remixes of all the previous album tracks and two brand new tunes, “Gotta Pay” and “Hope After All”.

All tracks written, arranged and played by Alessandro Bottura
Logo, Artwork and Photoshoot by Federica Castellani Tarabini
Management by Mark A. Forrest
Produced by Bucephalus Productions and Maftrust Inter Vivos
© 2010 – All right reserved

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh My God - "My Own Adventure" feat. Miss Tila (Tequila)

Chicago indie-rockers Oh My God have lured renowned Myspace/MTV starlet Miss Tila (Tequila) into appearing in their new "My Own Adventure" music video. At once dreamy and seamy, the video follows a very seductive-looking Tila (in her first rock-video cameo) as she investigates provocative sounds coming from a gas-station bathroom.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rachel McDonald: The Return Of Soul

It's no secret that Rachel McDonald a/k/a "The Quick Hotness" can sing. But her latest video, "Return of Soul" gives Ms. McDonald a 5-minute opportunity to show off her acting talents as well. Looking like a short version of a 70's era blaxploitation film, the video features McDonald, director Biblical Jones, and a cast of characters acting out a Kung Fu themed intro. As the music plays, scenes coincide with the lyrics taking us back to a time when humankind was much...well, kinder and soul music was society's soundtrack. Winding up with a visual and vocal tribute to the long-running music show ‘Soul Train,' Rachel McDonald's video is just as captivating as the artist herself.

Watch the video on Youtube:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pennan Brae - Need You Now

Pennan Brae's new video, "Need You Now", is an energetic accompaniment to a quick-paced little ditty from Brae's 2009 album 'Amber Glow.' Shot in Japan, the video follows a paper airplane as it flies through the streets and shops of Osaka, on its way to a young man's sweetheart. Injected throughout the video are close-up shots of singer-songwriter Pennan as he serenades into an electric blue mic and his guitarist strums along. Bright colors, lots of movement, and a heartwarming backstory make "Need You Now" a video worth giving up 150 seconds of your time for.

Pennan Brae's video, 'Need You Now' was shot in the sweltering heat of Osaka this August, 2010. DIrected by Mogcat Productions, the premise is of a young man writing a love letter which he folds into a paper airplane & hurls in the air, hoping it finds his love.

The paper airplane begins its hopeful journey for 'her'. It navigates crowds by the thousands, skips past planes, trains & automobiles & ventures in an arcade & music store, amongst other places.

Pennan & Mogcat looked forward to uncovering attractive backdrops. Luckily, Osaka is full of bright lights & unique settings that only exist in Japan. The pair filmed on the roof of the highest spot in town. They captured a glass escalator 550 feet above the ground. The duo took for the tallest Ferris Wheel & timed their shots within the ride's big circle. They went underground for scenes in the Osaka subway system & filmed in the halls of an infamous 'love hotel' (ie; you can rent the room by the hour). Waived off by security guards & watched warily by security cameras, it was a non-stop adventure from start to finish.

& as day gives way to night, the paper airplane discovers its destination & lands at the feet of the girl for whom it was sent. As she opens the note, it reveals the title of the song & message of the author; 'I Need You Now'!

Other Fun Facts:

-2010 was the hottest summer on record in Japan since 1946
-Osaka recorded the hottest temperatures within Japan during the shooting of the video
-2 Ferris Wheels were used in the video, 1 in Kobe & 1 in Osaka
-3 locations were used; Kyoto, Kobe & Osaka

Watch "Need You Now" on Youtube:

Don't you know I say I need you
Yes I do
Don't you know now that I need you
Yes I do
I need you now...

Know the joy and pain
Being by myself
Felt the sun and rain
Freedom and self-doubt

Now I've been through that
Thought a time or two
'Bout my longings and desires
To be with you

I need you now...

Now that you've tried
To make it on your own
What is rusted
Was once a heart of gold

As you decide
To come back for a try
Heard you whisper
Beneath your alibi

I need you now...

All the things you do
Time and time again
Like the world they turn
Back to you my friend

If we pursue that path
Which leads to our demise
Its fruitless yield
Would be as no surprise
Let's buck the trend
See with your own eyes