Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents Duane O'Conner's "The Hunt Is On"

Calypso superstar Duane O'Conner's video "The Hunt Is On" is full of energy, humor and fun as it addresses serious social and political issues. It's very entertaining, danceable calypso music, and in the video he gives a live, spirited, captivating performance at the Dimanche Gras 2012, parading and marching around the stage singing and entertaining the crowd in Trinidad while wearing a bulletproof vest over his suit. The brass section leads the way of the calypso band which has strong horns and vibrant background singers. The video was obviously shot with a camcorder, but this doesn't take away from Duane's intense charisma which endures from beginning to end. The video ends as 'Mr. Gibbs' comes onstage and Duane hands over the mike, only to be escorted (all in fun) from the stage. The crowd lights up and is under Duane's spell for the duration, hypnotized by his lyrics, the story, and the delivery of it. With performances like this, it's understandable how he dethroned Karene Asche at the Calypso Monarch competition, walking away with both the title and the $1 million that came with it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "F--- The IRS" By Cutting Edge

In Cutting Edge's video, "F--- The IRS," directed by J. Fassler and highly entertaining, the band creatively uses stock footage of a concert they are not actually performing in to insert scenes of themselves playing and singing their song, which is an 80's style rock track, with synthesizers, great guitar solos, banging percussion, and horn section hits. Released on the Thunder Quest Records label, the video shows multiple images - all stimulating - including a packed and screaming audience, a variety of animated symbols and still shots, and scenes of Americans working hard only to have large percentages of their salaries given away to the IRS. The concept is captivating and the video and track are both enjoyable, satirical, and moving and grooving. It's a refreshing look at a deeply annoying topic and most Americans will pat their feet, snap their fingers, bob their heads, and laugh out loud to this video, which was perfectly done.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "Mucho Dolores" By Amarily

Amarily's "Mucho Dolores" is a hot, fast paced video that showcases her sweet voice and a strong mix behind her. She is mucho caliente, her style is cool, and her moves are sexy as she takes us all around the world chanting, "Mucho Dolores" because we all know that "Money makes the world go round/Makes you feel like the king of the town." The video is full of extravagant luxuries that we all wish we had - money, cars, jewels, and beautiful people in our midst. The video puts it all together and takes you on a fantastic voyage of music, sound, and sites. It's great dance music and the party people keep it moving in Latin attire. Money is the theme and it is well covered. This is fun music with a clever hook and a message everyone can agree with: "Money Makes The World Go Round."


Thursday, March 8, 2012


7Even's new video "The Uprise," is an promo video which is a real teaser as he gives you just enough to make you want more. The small dose you get has a very big on impact, and this is a strong sound coming straight out of New York. "The Uprise" begins with the voice of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. proclaiming that "I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history..." and goes directly into scenes of 7Even coming out of the subway at forty deuce followed by scenes of Times Square and the core of Manhattan, followed by a quick pic of 7Even spitting his rhymes. This is followed by a black background in which logos with the following words appear as "The Uprise" plays in the background: "The Uprise...7Even...EP Release...The Dream...G Code...Let Freedom Ring..." As all of this is going on, samples from each song on the EP play, giving the viewer/listener an opportunity to hear the grooves that are available. This CD has "flavor for everybody from the swagger smooth to the street raw."

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