Monday, May 14, 2012

Terrence Hamilton's video and single "Love Is Real," produced and written by Troy Davis and Hamilton himself, is about a man whose business is cramping his personal life with the woman that he loves as he tries to find a balance between the two song, I was instantly reminded of Boys II Men, as Hamilton has a comparable voice, which he wields as an instrument, delivering a stellar performance. The video initially shows a man torn between his schedule and his lady, and is followed by Hamilton singing the track. Every note is precise and pitch perfect. A female singer who bears an amazing similarity to Mariah Carey's vocal style provides some accompaniment and does a great job at it, adding just enough flavor and accent to this love ballad. The arrangement is perfect, and it has a very ole school sound, which is the perfect backdrop for the song and message. Hamilton definitely has a future in the music industry and if he continues to write and record such moving songs as this one that contains a beautiful message, he'll go quite far. Fans of many genres will like this video and track, which could easily go mainstream, although it has an R&B base.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The video "Gimme Dat" takes a very interesting approach as the plot is laid out in a story form and the talented young rapper enters telling a deep, sobering, but very real story and asking the question that separates humans from the apes from which we supposedly evolved - Why? Why must things be the way they are? He then gives some very hard core answers that slice straight through to the truth like a knife cutting through butter. It's not Robin Hood, it's "robbing in the hood."

A serious mix of interesting piano, drums, synth, and percussion make this a message that is easy to listen to. The video director was very talented in aggressive in his (or her) approach. The music is one of a kind with lyrics that will captivate you, delivering the sad details about what's going on in the hood and describing the mentality of young brothers who do the terrible things with which our television screens and newspapers are bombarded. "Gimme Dat" is real talk set to music, and at the end, you will find yourself wanting to hear and see more, and you might just find yourself wanting the "bad guys" to get away. Nicely done.



Sunday, May 6, 2012

The video "Girl, You're Free" is significant and sobering, detailing the struggle of a woman who is being abused. Knowing that there are people who really endure such trauma makes it a difficult, but necessary watch. It was tastefully and professionally done, and KC Jockey really accomplished his goal of helping to bring this cause to the forefront, as it's something that people rarely talk about, but should.

KC Jockey easily takes an unpleasant topic and delivers a song that is not only entertaining, danceable, and likeable, but deep and thought provoking. This is a song that both men and women can relate to, and should be appreciated en masse. Some will want to play it often as a source of strength and comfort. "Girl, You're Free" scores a perfect 10 on every level, and music lovers of all genres will want to add this track to their collection.