Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MusicDishTV Presents The Coolest Bruva Remix By Tyrone Feat Edawg, DJ Topspin

Tyrone releases the video for "The Coolest Bruva remix" featuring Edawg and DJ Topspin. The short-filmed styled video was filmed and directed by Tyrone; while David Toledo at Unified Outreach Studio's created the animation. The cartoonist D. Toledo known for his comic book, cartoons and outreach; took the video to another level with the animation of the artists. The video will be submitted to Indie-Film festivals worldwide.

The short film styled video is a mix of video and animation taking the viewers down memory lane with kids portraying a young Tyrone and Edawg. The story is unique as is the mix of animation and the throwback footage showing young versions of Tyrone, Edawg and friends; while the animation is a glimpse into grown versions of the artists. The song features Edawg of Grammy Award winning Sir Mix-A-Lot's Rhyme Cartel Label. Edawg's "I dip"; single reached #1 on Rap Network's National charts and his new single "Rocket Ship" is expected to climb to the #1 position as is the Coolest Bruva remix.

The song is another remix of the lead single from Tyrone's debut album "Heavy labor no breaks". To date the song's catchy chorus and hypnotic beat has been remixed 2 times, chopped & screwed, and re-released by fan's, DJ's and producers worldwide.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

16mins's Music Video "XXRR" Closing Winner For MusicDish*China MV Competition

The word "independent (underground) music" first appeared in China almost two decades ago. Without doubt, Beijing, the capital of China, is a nest for some of the most pioneering and vibrant indie music. What is it like to be the only-child generation, facing a world of change and uncertainty? Beijing based indie rock band 16mins (16分钟) music video "XXRR (熙熙攘攘)" says it all. Set through Beijing's subways and major roadways, the juxtaposition sequence of personal experience with the public space reflects a critical background of cultural and political dimensions of post-socialist generation. The fragment of personal encounter with a mixture of unsettling feeling of contraction serve as the core subject throughout the music video. Dazed and confused, the musician, as an isolated subject in the neon city embodies a strong sense of insecurity. ShanShan Wang, MusicDish*China

Experimental indie band 16 mins' new video "XXRR" stretches the musical boundaries to the max. Filmed in Beijing, one really interesting thing about the video is that it focuses on motion in many forms -- cars on the highway, people walking, buses, stairs, and escalators. The lead singer seems to be unable to find her way to the place she wants to be, and she appears to be in a sea of people and yet all alone. The lyrical melody is sung very softly in what seem to be maneuvered acoustics, which adds an interesting element to the song. "XXRR" is definitely a video that viewers will talk about as it leaves a lot open to interpretation and some creative mental gymnastics. Michele Morris, MusicDish


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MusicDishTV Presents "The Wind" by Dream Chemistry

Dream Chemistry's single "The Wind" finds nature to be full of music. The uplifting nature of the song is paired nicely with the beautiful landscapes shot on location in Arizona (one should expect nothing less). The sun is used several times in overlaid shots, adding additional symbolism to the rising sun and sun-drenched hills. The band is a colorful cast of characters, with long black hair or a straw hat and quirky looking instruments. They look as if they just appeared out of the desert dust, an effect reinforced by the opening scene where each instrument fades in, with the musicians' name floating across the screen. It seems almost like the start of a folk tale, not a music video.

With the lead singer Dellynn, taking the lead on camera time, viewers get a sense of her presence and her energy. She seems to believe in message of her song so intensely it becomes infectious. The complex layers of folk instruments and rich female vocal bring a wholeness to the song. The musicians illustrate their well-honed craft, focusing on their playing over camera candy, which maybe why some of the shots of the band without their instruments seems almost out of place within the song. While there are some fleeting moments where a camera shot do not ring true, the music is stunningly real and honest. Dream Chemistry certainly gives the viewer something to sing about.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

MusicDishTV Presents "By The End Of" by Dead Smiling Pirates

Denmark natives Dead Smiling Pirates went for a more meaningful message this time around with their video for their new single, "By The End Of". The band has forgone any screen time to try and send a message about the pain of war and the trials of a soldier. Which at the moment is timely for so many people around the world.

Sounding very much like one of their influences, Blink 182, it could be said that Dead Smiling Pirates finds a way to sound like nineties pop-punk while staying current with vocal harmonies and interesting riffs from their other influence, Muse.

One of the more impressive sections of the video is a ten second sequence within the footage, where the cuts are in time with the music. The segment is probably the most hard hitting and resonant of the video. The video is mostly longer lingering clips showing war and injury, with Iwo Jima footage giving a gritty portrayal with a somewhat eerie feeling of anticipation building. Towards something else, towards a bigger conflict, a more graphic or dramatic scene, and as the video goes on it get slightly darker, showing a few of the dead men on the beach the music then goes in "for the kill" to drive home the message.

The band has a very connected sound, they make sense together, cleverly pairings of influences and chords, results in a solid sound, and the visuals are interesting, it seems that the viewer may want more from the band by the end.



Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mercy And Sorrow Place Third In MusicDish*China MV Competition

The video "1945" by China-based band Mercy And Sorrow (大悲) directs our attention to the year 1945, when World War II (in which 50-70 million lives were lost) ended. "1945" begins slowly, solemnly, with Albert Einstein's quote, "I do not know what weapons World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." A long corridor through which one must pass is shown, and then the video shifts to scenes of everyday life progressing normally, followed by scenes of soldiers and war.

As a lone plane drops a bomb, the song changes pace, becoming more of a rock track with a hard edge and the vocals transitioning from the soft beginning to a much louder and grittier tone. The pace of "1945" quickens once again and seems to have a sense of urgency to it as the bomb drops in slow motion to the ground while the people below are completely unaware of the impending doom. Scenes of destruction and the blinding light of the explosion are gripping and sobering, as we see that no one is spared.

As we see the mushroom cloud appearing, the plane that dropped the bomb returns to its origin, giving the impression that while the pilot did his job and it ended there for him, many died on the ground as a result of his "labor." The song then changes pace back to its original slow tempo, amidst pictures of devastation beyond belief. "1945" is a reminder of what we shouldn't have to remember, but what we must never forget.




Saturday, November 19, 2011

ViVA Girls Grabs 2nd Place In MusicDish*China MV Competition

The video "Yin Yang (阴阳)" by China based group ViVA Girls (雅乐团) is exceedingly entertaining from start to finish. A musical masterpiece showcasing the talent and expertise of these female musicians, the video is vibrant, robust, and spirited. With the music being played using Asian instruments, the sound is spectacularly refreshing to this Westerner, and is somewhat reminiscent of the group Hiroshima's music. "Yin Yang" begins with an almost "Star Trek" like scene where the viewer is drawn into a "universe" which then explodes into this most amazing and impressive performance that shows each of the talented ladies looking as cool as ice, but playing with a sound that's hot as hell!! People of all cultures and musical tastes will be able to appreciate the precision and proficiency with which the Viva Girls perform. This is 100% good music, no matter where you live on the globe.

"The complexity of the video was very creative. The band has an image that is unique and great for brands. The band was stylish and the sound and performance was great." Jewell Sparks, Indie Vixens

"This is an innovative way of combining traditional Chinese instruments performance with modern music production. It reminds me of 12 Girls band once in a while, but compare to 12 Girls band, band members are all young and pretty and this band is more modernized. They got the beats, the rhythm and the visual design." Fay Peng




Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heartache In Memphis Compilation For Indie Memphis Film Festival Showcases Music From Memphians

The Memphis Music Foundation has teamed up with Indie Memphis and the Memphis Shelby County Film Commission to create a Memphis music sampler for music supervisors and creative directors. On November 3rd, in conjunction with the launch of the Indie Memphis Film Festival, Heartache in Memphis, a compilation of 20 songs will be available to stream live on SoundCloud.
A limited number of CDs will be available at the Indie Memphis Film Festival.

“Memphis music is so many things. We have wellspring of diverse sounds. The theme of heartache gives music directors and music supervisors a thematic perspective,” noted Memphis Music Foundation Director of Development & Communications, Pat Mitchell. “Heartache in Memphis explores heartache through a diverse collection of artists.”

The Heartache in Memphis selection committee included representatives from Indie Memphis, The Memphis Music Foundation, The Memphis Shelby County Film Commission and members of the Music Resource Center.

Included in Heartache in Memphis are
Furry Lewis “Worried Blues”
Amy LeVere “Cry My Eyes Out”
Grace Askew “Jupe”
Nancy Apple “Hard Luck ‘N’ Old Dogs”
Susan Marshall “It’s Hitting Me”
Black Rock Revival “Lola Falana”
Deering and Down “Love is a Rock”
The Bo-Keys “Sundown on Beale”
Trashed Romeos “Gotta Find New Love”
Tiger High “Why Oh Why”
Jeffrey James and the Haul “Rain’s Coming Down”
Chris Milan “Always in Love”
Glorie “Water Drops”
Hot Freak Nation “12th of Never”
Marcela Pinilla “Mientras No Estes” (While You Were Away)
Jim Mize “Looking for You”
Star & Micey “Carly”
The Late Show “Judy”
The Tim Terry Experience “Can’t Get You”
Musaria featuring Saturna “Moment” (jazz re-mix)

About Indie Memphis
Through diverse year-round programming, its world-class annual festival, and ongoing efforts to include new voices, new media, and new audiences, Indie Memphis is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that enriches, inspires, and connects the Memphis community while cultivating interest in, and development of, independent film. Indie Memphis is one of the city's core arts institutions and is the only Memphis film organization that receives annual funding from ArtsMemphis. The organization also received special support from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to produce its 2010 film festival.

About the Memphis Music Foundation
The Memphis Music Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to working with the community to cultivate a viable economic engine for Memphis by providing musicians and the music industry with resources and opportunities for growth and independence. The Foundation exists to educate the music community about music business systems and trends, help artists develop plans for future business growth, and create dynamic marketing and promotional opportunities for Memphis music. The Foundation’s anchor program, the Music Resource Center is an interactive, living education and information center that offers a devoted staff, tools, and educational programs to help area musicians and music professionals. The Foundation is funded, in part, by public and private funds provided through the Economic Development (MemphisED) Plan, designed to ensure economic growth and prosperity in Memphis and Shelby County.

About Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commission
At the Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commission, the combined experience of both Film Commissioner Linn Sitler and Deputy Film Commissioner Sharon Fox-O’Guin represents over 37 years of hands-on film and television commission experience. Together, the team has worked with such studio projects as “Walk the Line” and “The People vs. Larry Flynt” – along with acclaimed independent films such as Craig Brewer’s Academy Award-winning “Hustle & Flow” and Ira Sachs’ Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner, “Forty Shades of Blue.” Recently they have assisted with such projects as "Nothing But the Truth" and "Soul Men", along with the groundbreaking MTV New Media web mini-series, "$5 Cover". Together with their board of directors, the Memphis & Shelby County Film Commission remains dedicated to serving all kinds of film productions, whether they are from out of town, or homegrown right here in Memphis.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Goth Trio Versailles Releases "Sacrifice" EP

Los Angeles-based Goth trio Versailles will digitally release the EP "Sacrifice" (Evileye Records) on iTunes on October 25th. Featuring an enigmatic blend of dark, ominous blend of edgy Synthpop combined with lyrics - Versailles sings intensely felt songs about love, vampires, war, the human soul, strength and struggle.

Singer/model and Versailles front woman Dianna St. Hilaire has been called the "Gothic Tori Amos." Produced and written by St. Hilaire, and produced by Eric Greedy (Scott Weiland/Smashing Pumpkins/Ringo Starr) -- "Sacrifice" features songs that are dark and ominous yet fun and inviting. Drawing inspiration from legendary bands like Depeche Mode and Joy Division, Versailles doesn't disappoint on their latest release. The first single, One With Me opens with synthesizer pulse that drives the delicate, yet intense track - while the title track Sacrifice is a restrained, yet powerful track about war, destruction and the ultimate transcendence of the human soul.

"Whenever I hear bands with an electro heart I always hope that as the brightly rising synth burble is offset by some actual feeling, lest it become an anodyne experience, but the moment the vocals creep into the opening title track on this EP I am relieved. Not only does Dianna St. Hilaire have an excellent voice which transmits yearning, but the lyrics are thoughtful and that sense of imagination also encompasses a dark shape to the song in which the small emotional core swells..." says noted Goth/Rock writer, Mick Mercer.

Versailles is now equipped with three beautiful female members. Dianna St. Hilaire (Vocals, Keytar); Stephanie Rose (Bass); Marie Ilene (Drums) -- along with the newest non-girl member Shaun Richards (Guitar).

Versailles recently appeared in the film "Black Room Doom" written by producer Kim Fowley of popular 70's band "The Runaways." "Dianna Saint-Hilaire (a.k.a. Versailles) proves that she is the female Robert Smith (The Cure). Marie is the ultimate video vixen. Shaun has the attention of the female animals in the audience," says legendary producer Kim Fowley (The Runaways).

For additional information please visit:

About BFM Digital, Inc.

BFM Digital is a global digital music company committed to serving the independent music community and delivering quality music, spoken word and video content to leading online retailers worldwide. Representing a diverse catalog of indie labels, artists and publishers, BFM distributes to all of the major music services including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, Walmart, Nokia and many more. With an unparalleled commitment to personalized service, BFM works closely with their content providers from around the world to ensure maximum exposure of their catalog by customizing marketing efforts and building strong relationships with BFM's digital store partners.

MusicDishTV Presents Saint Anger - "To The Max"

Saint Anger brings his larger than life presence to his video, "To the Max". He takes it to The Max" with girls, cars and good times. With shout outs to his hangouts (A Virginia native he gives his home state some love), the viewer can see why he needs so many names on his Facebook page. Saint Anger (and on his Facebook page Iceberg Grimm), is a big man with a big sound. The video is the ultimate crusin’ party; solo cups in hand with everyone having an epic time, dancing and wild times abound. Slick shots of girls and some "suped up" cars are part of the video’s landscape bring the video up to the level of professional. The video fits the song; it is edgy, with fast paced editing, and clear extremely high quality filming. Loud and hard, big and brash, Saint Anger brings the goods to the party.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Arrow Haze: Amazing Lyric Video 'Elly Kedward' Released

"Elly Kedward", the new video from Arrow Haze is now available on their YouTube channel. The song comes off the band's new single "Elly Kedward". The amazing animation video is being made by Mateusz Kukla. The covert art was made by Adrian Jaszczak.

The second single "Stranger Tides" features legendary keyboardist Derek Sherinian from Black Country Communion.

Arrow Haze is a Belgian rock band formed in 2011. The group consists of Theo Green (vocals and drum), Ben Lucian (guitar), Karoly Alapi (guitar) and Stef Exelmans (bass). They incorporate so many styles of rock music that you can't compare them to anybody. Their style is really unique.

The band will work on their 2012 tour and their first album. All information will be confirmed on

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tony Adamo Is Reviewed By

Rating: Four Stars

Vocalist Tony Adamo's new CD, What Is Hip?, is a funkified and deeply rhythmic locked affair with some of the best musicians of the day. Put together by master guitarist and producer Jerry Stucker, this horn-laden album reminds one of the early days of Tower Of Power (TOP) brought up to date by modern sensibilities. Some of the big names assisting Adamo include master drummer Steve Gadd, percussionist and Headhunter Bill Summers, trumpeters Mic Gillette, Henry Hung, and Eddie Henderson, as well as TOP bari saxophone soul man Stephen "Doc" Kupka and keyboardist Rodney Franklin.

For those unfamiliar with funk and soul the easiest comparison of this album would be with some of the early work of Boz Scaggs when he was wrapping his vocals within bluesy soul-infected wraps. Add some tastefully arranged horn backgrounds courtesy of Mic Gillette, and the result is sublime excellence.

While funk and rarified soul like this will have a tough time reaching the airwaves, that doesn't mean it isn't a fantastic recording. The "What Is Hip?" TOP remake is given a bluesy and smoothly swinging turn that features some excellent electric trumpet work by the great jazz trumpeter Eddie Henderson. On "Ecstasy" Neil Larsen's organ playing is top-notch and Rodney Franklin's keyboard work on "Rhythm Of Your Love" is incredible.

Throughout the recording Stucker's guitar is ever present as a featured color. His work is angled at finding the right mode of expression as opposed to showing off his chops. Finding just the right notes at the right time, Stucker keeps things tightly bolted down and firmly rooted in the groove. This is shown nowhere better than on "Ecstasy" where his lines float and punctuate Adamo's vocals in pure precision.

Adamo's voice is perfectly suited each of the tracks, both those he wrote with Stucker and the covers. With a rich baritone timbre, Adamo sincerely gets inside the lyrics as opposed to just singing them. Working within the arrangements, as opposed to singing on top of them, Adamo does more than feel the phrase, he becomes them.

While there are a few missteps, like the cover of "Eleanor Rigby" which is too sly, Adamo hits it out of the park on "Cold Duck Time (Groove On Line)" and "Make Me A Memory." For lovers of music not aimed being aimed for 14 year-olds, this is about as excellent a recording as you will find and well worth searching out.

MusicDishTV Presents "Banjo" By Chad Lee

The video for Banjo by Chad Lee (a song off his Sidewalks and Trains album) has an authentic feel, as if it were shot on a friend's farm on a day off from working the fields. Which is not to say the band is unprofessional, the band plays well with great energy and presence. The cast of the farm fable were caricatures of American farm life, bare foot, with overalls in tatters; the cast was a lovable rag-tag bunch of hillbillies. The song and the video tell a timely story that many people in America face of being pushed out of an old way of life in the interest of urban sprawl and overpriced condos. Despite the big bad banks and developers (In traditional suits and sunglasses) the video has a cheerful tone. The power of the Banjo reins supreme as Granny uses it as a weapon, forgoing the shotgun and picking up the banjo. There is a reference to the often spoofed, Dueling Banjos in the first ten seconds is clever, yet the song could have used even more banjos visually.

The video, while not without its good points, may need to put some of the production team out to pasture. The cuts between shots lose most visual impact they would have had by being far too quick, and the angles chosen for some of the shots are baffling, as they do not flatter anyone in the band. With a friendly lead singer, and a cast of expressive and strange characters, this home grown, countrified music video ends up being rather entertaining.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who is the King - Fabian Willems

The Netherlands’ Fabian Willems really delivers on “Who Is The King?” which is an inspirational track praising the King of kings. The song begins with a beautiful violin and guitar lead in, and remains solid and mesmerizing until completion. Willems is so strong and passionate that is comes shining through loud and clear, and you know he is a true believer in the savior. And if you’re not, you will be by the time you finish listening to this thought provoking track. Willems proclaims, “No one compares to you, oh Lord./You are the King!” and when he sings this, you understand what devotion to and love for the Lord are. His music is powerful and very moving. The band plays with all of their God given talents with precision and perfection and the entire collaboration is excellent. The shots of Mr. Willems standing in fields, by rivers, and by trees just praising in sight and sound the glory of God. You can really tell his love is real and this is what the King of kings has made possible – a man’s ability to make such beautiful and touching music along with a very likeable video presentation.

Who is the King - Fabian Willems

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gospel Takeover

“Gospel Takeover” packs a whole week’s worth of worship into 30 minutes with non-stop praise (with no commercials) shown musical form, by video, and through powerful messages. The star power alone is amazing, but it is the sincerity and fervor with which the praise is being offered that is so uplifting. This show is truly a blessing to any who seek to serve the Lord as they will surely be renewed and strengthened for the trials and tribulations of this life. It is clearly evident why “Gospel Takeover” has been the most watched Gospel program for the past 2 weeks in its time slot. Season One, Episode 2 of the show features Myron Butler & Levi performing “Stronger,” Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers featuring Daryl Coley performing “When Sunday Comes,” Kanye West’s video “Jesus Walks,” Bishop T.D. Jakes & The Potter’s House Mass Choir featuring D’Atra Hicks performing “Time Is Short,” and also “Marvelous” featuring Beverly Crawford. The prayer and message by T.D. Jakes, one of the most charismatic and influential pastors of our time, followed by a call to Christ (to which many responded) was touching and thought provoking. “Gospel Takeover” is aptly named, as this reviewer believes that it will continue to ‘take over’ television ratings (in addition to hearts, minds and souls).
You can watch the full episode at:

Gospel Takeover

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Latonas - "Protoro"

The Latonas’ video “Protoro” starts off foggy, but then it becomes crystal clear that this group really rocks and is powerful and professional. With a crazy great drummer pounding the beat, the new millennium has arrived in the form of alternative rock and this group is on the cutting edge of it. The guitarist and drummer really deliver a standout performance along with the lead singer. “Protoro” is a fast paced video and shows the group doing a live performance in a high energy show that is second to none along with their message. Watching the video gives you the sense that alternative rock has found its place, and the Latonas are definitely earning their spot in it out in front and right on top. This is what alternative rock in 2011 is all about. You’ll love the song and video if you have enough energy to keep pace with them, but even if you can’t, you’ll have a great time trying!


The Latonas - "Protoro"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goldman Rockstar King - "Sexy Thing"

Goldman Rockstar King exudes musical energy with his unique remake of "Sexy Thing," originally performed by Hot Chocolate. Written by Errol Brown, the
video "Sexy Thing," which was directed by Paul Gervasi is created with the
new sounds and scenes of today. The King's charisma and star power shines
brightly as he makes this song his own. Some innovative swap outs with
lyrics along with other changes make this a very interesting song and video
that are able to stand on their own merits. While there are some
similarities to the original, this pop artist's energy and sound along with
his presence and presentation make him impossible to ignore. The music is a
hard pounding rock R&B mix with a hard hitting bass that holds it all
together quite nicely along with the sassy group backing him up. This is a
perfect example of how ole school isn't always necessarily better.

Goldman Rockstar King - "Sexy Thing"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lachi - "Bug Out"

Shot in New York City and well produced by Kevin Porter, Pop/rock artist Lachi’s video “Bug Out” begins with her sitting on the steps of a building in the Big Apple singing and switches back and forth between that scene and the video’s protagonist, played by Sara Teed, as she makes her way through New York City. On Broadway, Teed meets someone selling sunglasses. After purchasing a pair, much to her surprise, she finds that they are magical and allow her to see people’s true emotions. She continues her journey through NYC watching people – seeing greed, hatred, envy, and other negative emotions until she stumbles and falls and is helped up by a man who doesn’t have any negativity. The pair then enter a club filled with people dancing where we see Lachi and her band Meridian Gold performing “But Out” live. This is a very innovative and energetic video, which perfectly matches the fast tempo, very bright and upbeat song with its catchy lyrics (“I’m just going to be me and Bug Out/And have fun/And live life/And have love/And bug out.”) that exude positivity.

Lachi - "Bug Out"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Patrick Joseph - "Don't Believe It"

In a time where music seems to be “made to fit the mold,” and artists are more cliché than original, Patrick Joseph’s video “Don’t Believe It” is a breath of fresh air. The indie singer/songwriter’s song, from his debut album “Antiques,” is breathtakingly beautiful. The video was made entirely with a still camera in stop motion over the course of three days shooting during which time over 7,000 still frames of photography were taken. It is also uniquely entertaining because of the quality of the music. Joseph has a way with words, and “Don’t Believe It” is lyrically and musically robust, with not a single note wasted or out of place. Deep and thought provoking, the video and track are worthy of being added to any true music lover’s collection.

Patrick Joseph - "Don't Believe It"

Monday, September 19, 2011

N-O - "Mother" Featuring Sydney B

Hip hop artist N-O’s video Mother” is a dramatic and emotionally charged anthem to a mom who passed away too soon and all the hurt ad memories that are left behind. The video is well produced with crisp, clear images portraying sadness and grief, as well as pictures of mothers caring and praying for their children. Paced at an appropriately slow tempo, the song, which features Sydney B, has impact and meaning as the vocals get right to the point: “I miss my mother, It’s so hard/I know she’s in a better place, But I can’t stop the tears/Can’t stop the tears/” and “I called my father/He told me my mother just died/I’m trying to be strong, I’m hurting inside/So I cover up/I’m smiling, telling jokes/ But the day my mother died was the day my heart broke/.” This is a beautiful and loving memorial to a woman who was obviously a wonderful mom, and a reminder to us all to cherish our mothers while they’re still here with us.

N-O - "Mother" Featuring Sydney B

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tony Adamo - "No Strings Attached"

Tony Adamo keeps the soul coming with his new video and song “No Strings Attached” from the album Straight Up Deal. With a tower of power’s worth of horns being played by Tower of Power members Skip Mesquite and Mic Gillette (who wrote the horn arrangement), Tony’s sound is funkier than ever. The vocal and horn performances on “No Strings Attached” are the strongest yet from Adamo and company. Smooth lyrics make the song even greater as Tony exudes coolness and a special touch that seem to be his signature. Adamo really makes some noise with this track, which is sure to be a crowd pleaser for fans of the Soul and R&B genres.

Tony Adamo - "No Strings Attached"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

KiB - "Holiday"

KiB’s video “Holiday” is an urban treat that combines rap with hip hop and a bit of pop. The video shows KiB with his crew as he tells the story behind the song. “Holiday” has a good feel to it, a good beat, and the video (which alternates showing KiB with his lady love interest, various city scenes, and his crew) is well produced by iamMynority, keeping the viewer’s interest until the very end. The message of “Holiday” is that no matter what problems you’re going through in life, you can take your mind on a holiday and utilize your inner strength to get through them. No, you may not be able to hop on a plane to London or Paris as desired, but you can always close your eyes and take a holiday using creative visualization and positivity. This fast paced, upbeat tune is one that we can all identify with, and is lyrically and musically strong enough to please music lovers of almost any genre.

KiB - "Holiday"

Eliot Wayne - "Lost In You"

Eliot Wayne’s “Lost In You” is absolutely “music to the ears.” The video shows the 3 member Austin, Texas band performing “Lost In You” and trust me, if you like rock and roll, or if you like great music at all, then this is a video to watch. “Lost In You” was written by Eliot Wayne, who also plays guitar and sings lead vocals. Nick Louis is on bass and Brannen Temple is on drums. The band calls their brand of music “new alternative heavy blues rock,” but whatever you call it, you have to call it good. Well written lyrics with really crisp rock and rock music and good harmonies make “Lost In You” a winner for both the band and the viewer.

Eliot Wayne - "Lost In You"

Monday, September 5, 2011

"I" By Jahmings Maccow

Jahmings Maccow’s video “I” is a spiritual Rastafarian message conveyed in a medium that is moving to the heart and soul. While the track is reggae rock at its essence, it crosses over into another musical realm that is soothing, reassuring, and inspirational. The video itself is simple to avoid distractions from the song’s meaning, and has its intended effect on the viewer. This slow tempo, magical tune is mellow music that is good and strong. Interesting and tranquil images unfold throughout the video but keep the listener tuned in to the message which exudes happy feelings, enthusiasm, and positivity! The guitar solo is an added pleasure, and the track is lyrically positive. Maccow certainly shows his musical prowess with this track.

“I” is available for purchase at on iTunes and Amazon

"I" By Jahmings Maccow

John Galea - "Faded Popstar"

John Galea’s video “Faded Popstar” is so cool and creative that it will remind you why they began making music videos in the first place. With the use of animation, pictures, photos, and moving pictures, Galea gets his point across to mediocre musicians very nicely: You might be popular right now, but if you’re not the real thing and your songs always sound like someone else’s, you’ll fade away from musical memory sooner rather than later. The song is adorable, lyrically astute, and absolutely true. Galea has a great voice and gives a great vocal performance on this upbeat and catchy track. “Faded Popstar” has a very nice beat and the piano playing is great. The song has a very original sound, and it’s clear that Galea is not throwing rocks while living in a glass house with this track. This is one artist whose talent is not debatable, and pop music lovers, as well as anyone who loves to hear good music with a story behind it will love having “Faded Popstar” in their collection.

John Galea - "Faded Popstar"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tony Adamo - "This Time It's Real"

If you’ve ever been in love, you know the feeling you get when that special someone comes along and everything within you shouts, “This is it!! This is the one!!” Well, Tony Adamo has captured the sentiments of that with a remake of Tower of Power’s hit “This Time It’s Real,” and he hit the nail right on the head. The strong Tower of Power horn section does an outstanding job and a funky sax solo makes the song even more enjoyable. This track is definitely a groove and will entice the listener into reminiscing about the emotions you have when the right person is in your life. With his special soulful sound, Tony delivers another stellar performance. “This Time It’s Real” is a happy song that will put you in a good place. You can dance, chill, or just cruise to this one, but whatever you do, you’ll enjoy it.

Tony Adamo - "This Time It's Real"

Friday, August 19, 2011

"This Road" - La Res

La Res’ new music video “The Road” tackles the heart-wrenching reality of post-traumatic stress on veterans. The first single to be released from La Res’ new album Revolution, “The Road” also appears in the critically acclaimed new film Happy New Year. This compelling rock video shows the trauma of being in a war zone and seeing things that change your life and who you are forever.

“The Road” begins with a soldier awakening from a recurring nightmare that haunts him about the dead soldiers who didn’t make it back home. That fact and the entire traumatic experience has affected him to the point where meds are barely holding him together, and being around others is not something he can do. Sadly, even his wife is not an answer to his depression and the darkness he carries within. The scars of war have made him something he was never meant to be. The pain is expressed in strong lyrics like, “/There’s a rumbling down inside/The horn’s about to blow/This pride that’s been my shield/I think I’m going to let it go"/.

With the help of gritty guitar tones, driving bass lines, and compelling melodies, La Res concocts an intriguing amalgam that aggressively and passionately cries out for redemption, self-empowerment, and an ultimate liberation. The video ends with the soldier facing his demons by walking into the graveyard that has been haunting him. All who have served and fought or loved those who have will feel this video and track deeply.

"This Road" - La Res

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elijah J - "Meet Me on the Dance Floor"

Elijah J is certainly no stranger to the entertainment industry, as many will remember him as Simba in the Lion King. But he has arrived on the urban/dance music scene with energy, a great voice, and dance moves that defy gravity and pull it all together. In his video, “Meet Me on the Dance Floor,” which is well produced and shines brightly with talent (including Chaz Marcus), Elijah J and his crew put on a show that is impressive and captivating. The video features music that is well mixed and never stops. It’s a pulsating dance groove that makes you get up and dance – if you can. This track is funky enough to get not just a little wiggle out of you – it has a real get out there and let it go, sweat, and move persuasiveness to it. The breaks in the video that allow the dancers to improvise and show their stuff are great, and the pace is one that you’ll find yourself sweating to keep up with but enjoying every minute of it. Hard bass and a true quality voice combined with great rapping set this young artist apart from the rest.

Elijah J - "Meet Me on the Dance Floor"

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tony Adamo - Groove Therapy

San Francisco Bay area singer/songwriter Tony Adamo delivers some of his best work to date with his remake of Tower of Power’s “Groove Therapy.” “Groove Therapy” is a cut from Adamo’s CD Straight Up Deal, and this is a vibrant, earthy track with a definite 70s feel and all the funk you can handle. The horn section features members of the original Tower of Power horn section, and Tony smoothly delivers the “therapy,” musically speaking, that is. The “doctor” is definitely in the house. With crisp music, a nice guitar solo break, and the band at the top of their game, “Groove Therapy” comes together in a style that most can only envy. Adamo seems to have fun with this track with his deep, sultry, and commanding voice, and the expertise from the horn and percussion sections put the song into overdrive.

Tony Adamo - Groove Therapy

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tony Adamo - "Eleanor Rigby"

Musician and singer Tony Adamo isn’t afraid to tackle a classic and put his own spin on it, incorporating influences of blues, jazz, pop, rock, and many other genres. This master of soul brings back great old songs in a manner that can be appreciated by those who heard the originals and music lovers who are hearing the songs for the first time. With Adamo’s remake of the The Beatles classic song “Eleanor Rigby,” Adamo brings back memories while getting his pop infused with funk on. Adamo’s voice breathes new life into the track, along with the innovativeness of the spoken word and a nice guitar solo to boot. “Eleanor Rigby” is from Adamo’s new CD entitled, “What Is Hip?”

Tony Adamo - "Eleanor Rigby"

Nelly Petkova feat. Miro Gee - "Lucky One"

Nelly Petkova’s well-produced video “Lucky One” featuring Miro Gee is a fast paced dance groove that is absolutely smoking. Just right for the house, the club, or anywhere you want to dance, this is one track that you just can’t sit still on. Petkova’s exudes energy and when she aims to please, she gets her way, and with lyrics like “Show me what you got/Get me hot/Don’t you want to have it?” Petkova almost emits flames from the screen in one sexy, smoldering outfit after another as she teases and taunts the viewer with her looks, voice and style. Music lovers of all genres will embrace “Lucky One” and the dance floor will be filled to capacity when this steamy single is on.

Nelly Petkova feat. Miro Gee - "Lucky One"

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summers - "Too Late"

The video “Too Late” is the first single release by the rock band Summers, and is truly a rock lover’s paradise. The music and style of Summers is reminiscent of Def Leppard in the 1980s. With a overall great song from the band, lead vocals, a rocking good guitar solo, heartfelt lyrics, and a catchy chorus, the video and song are well done and impressive. With lyrics like “I pushed the good girls out/And let the bad girls in/Then you came along/And changed something/Girl, there are no doubts/That you are my everything/But you didn’t know/Cause I didn’t show/,” and a chorus that backs that up with “Hey, give me a chance to change my ways/Please stay/Oh baby don’t go away/It’s not too late for me to love you/It’s not too late for you to change your mind/I can’t make it through without you/It’s not too late…,” the song is lyrically strong with a great traditional pure rock sound. The video showcases the various band members performing the song in addition to the story of one man’s struggle to get the woman he loves to give him a second chance. It’s not too early to get your rock on with “Too Late,” and you’ll be glad you did.

Summers - "Too Late"

Monday, August 1, 2011

Transporta - "I Wanna Dance With You"

Pop artist Transporta transports you to a different time and place with his new release, “I Wanna Dance With You.” It’s a fast paced, moving and grooving dance track with a great beat, and a nice bass and synth, along with computer generated vocal manipulations to make it even better. The song has a dance hall style without the breaks, and is definitely one for movers and shakers. The track and video have so much energy flowing, that if you’re not dancing to it, you must be comatose.

The video, which was shot at a club and is very well produced, shows everyone jamming to the beat as Transporta hones in on the hottest girl there and moves in, ready for the pursuit and the catch. As he praises her beauty and his need to dance with her, the viewer is taken on a musical journey that is just plain fun. The video also showcases some serious dancing talent, including that of Transporta himself. “I Wanna Dance With You” should be mandatory on the playlist at any club, if they’re interested in getting the party started and keeping it going, that is. With lyrics like, "I like the way you’re working that pole/ The way you’re moving so under control/” says it all as Transporta smoothly lays it down and you dance, dance, dance. The music is strong with a pulse that can only result in much movement and partying.

Transporta - "I Wanna Dance With You"

David Cash - "City of Angels"

David Cash's "City of Angels," is a sobering look at the war that's going on in the inner city neighborhoods of LA that people tend to ignore because of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. With hard hitting, thought provoking lyrics like "It's a long way from heaven/In the city where the Angel's from/From the streets to Hollywood dreams/In the city of LA/," Cash reminds us that in the place nicknamed the "City of Angels," it's far from heavenly as many continue to fight day to day just to survive the mean streets of LA far from the spotlight of celebs.

The video is simple, but effective and gets its message across with a look at the "other" side of LA where life is much different than many of u can imagine. With a throng of peeps from his streets, Cash's video doesn't add any extras that aren't needed to distract from the main message. Though the song itself has a great beat and is musically solid, it makes the viewer/listener want to think more than dance, accomplishing its purpose with excellence and simplicity in a well -conceived video.

David Cash - "City of Angels"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pennan Brae - 'On The Highway'

Directed by Spool, “On The Highway,” is Pennan Brae’s lead single from his third album, Early Rise. Shot in LA and Las Vegas during the summer, the video features talented Los Angeles actors Caitlin Bray, Liesel Kopp, and Keaton Shyler. A nice hard pounding intro along with plenty of eye candy captivates the viewer as Rock/Pop artist P.B. does his musical thing in this very lively and catchy song. A nice story accompanies this video allowing both visual and audio pleasures as the plot unfolds. Art and color seem to be the video’s hook as the music kicks and the singer entertains us with his vocals along with the talented musicians who are backing him up. Brae makes looking cool and chilling out easy and fun as he travels on the highway in a convertible wearing a nice white suit and a pretty girl as well. “On The Highway” is truly a road song, but is also great for just relaxing. Interesting and fun, both the video and track are sure to please.

Pennan Brae - 'On The Highway'

"Hypochondriac" - Kunvuk

The video "Hypochondriac" by metal band Kunvuk is metal to the extreme. Shot in abandoned farmhouses in Adelaide and Leeton, "Hypochondriac" is supremely intense, both musically and visually. Shot from different angles and camera speeds, the viewer is treated to the band’s performance of the track. You may begin to wonder if you’re losing it before it’s all over, but you’re not. Just be prepared to hold on for the ride through this metal sensation of inhibition and insanity. The music transitions throughout the piece, and at times, it seems like you’re listening to totally different songs, all of which are head banging good. "Hypochondriac" is a great find for any fan of metal, and anyone else who just wants to loosen up and have a good time. The video was directed and overseen by the band’s bass player, Luis Barra.

Hypochondriac - Kunvuk

Friday, July 22, 2011

Robert Lauri - Face to Face

In his latest innovation, “Face To Face,” Robert Lauri takes us on a musical voyage, cascading through the sounds and visions of the big, bright and beautiful city. The video transitions along with the music to other settings and moods, giving the viewer an visual and auditory stimulating experience. Lauri is at his best in this improvisational jazz piece, with a great horn section that builds towards the end, and well placed flute melodies. The video and track are great for cruising, a nice social gathering, or a quiet evening with that special someone.

Robert Lauri - Face to Face

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

F.L.Y. DreamStar - "Kush and Pain"

Set in the backdrop of the inner city, F.L.Y. DreamStar’s video “Kush and Pain” is a cool slow tempo hip hop/rap track. The talented rapper uses his rhymes to tell the world that that he’s moving on and up. He proclaims that “Life’s a bitch and she’s having fun with me,” and it does indeed appear that he’s taking it all in stride, having fun and just rolling with it all. Interesting visuals as the video keeps it simple and real, shot mostly on railroad tracks surrounded by trees. The railroad tracks seem to be symbolic of his journey to “move on.” The music is a low mix of guitar and a smooth band, making this a groove that you can drive to or just sit and chill to. It’s a smooth display of this artist’s talents as his flow is unique as well as his voice.

F.L.Y. DreamStar - "Kush and Pain"

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Venomous Love Affair" - Cutting Edge

“Venomous Love Affair” by the indie rock band Cutting Edge addresses the attraction of Las Vegas and how it can seduce one before they are even aware of the seduction. Those of us who have been to Sin City knows that you can find anything you want there – gambling, drinking, women, or the night life in any form in which you may be seeking it. The music is full of universal sounds that surround you with a bit of everything. With the backdrop of Las Vegas, the music along with the old Hollywood stars is a strange, but effective mix to really keep you captivated as the video unfolds. The breaks, bass, and mystical flute are interesting and take you to a completely different place – a foreign place, full of mysteries. There’s so much going on in this video that you have to see it to believe it as it is many things – erotic, political, mystical, and filled with secret messages – all of which combine to form an amazingly strong sound and show. The track is from the album, “The Big 14 N’ More”.

"Venomous Love Affair" - Cutting Edge

Thursday, July 7, 2011

R A D I A T E - Rick Denzien

Rick Denzien’s “R A D I A T E” is a mid to slightly fast tempo, very upbeat, uplifting, and enjoyable video and track. With a voice reminiscent of John Anderson or Phil Collins, and a musical style very close to R.E.M., Denzien hits the mark with “R A D I A T E.” In this soft rock number, Denzien beautifully harmonizes lyrics that tell the story of radiating love – the kind that comes from deep inside the heart. It’s a pure and touching reminder of what we should all be doing – seeing the good and being the good; expecting wonder, and radiating love to one another. An excellent band with a full sound captures you with their top notch performance, complementing each other perfectly. The guitar break and solo are excellent, and the song has a positive vibe that will make music lovers of any genre appreciate it greatly.

The video is filled with images of what appear to be home movies of children experiencing life – growing up, falling down, laughing, crying, growing, and coming to know the love that comes along with these things. But it reminds us that there is another part of life that is dark and sinister that, though it is everywhere and can’t be escaped, it can be overcome through love and it’s our duty and should be our pleasure as well to do it. You can’t help but watch or listen to “R A D I A T E” over and over as it is a song that will leave you feeling just a little bit better about people, life, and love. “R A D I A T E” it!!! The track is available on iTunes at .

R A D I A T E - Rick Denzien

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Precise - “It’s On Me”

“It’s On Me” by Hip hop/rapper Precise is one of the freshest tracks to be released in a long time. The video and track are all about taking responsibility for one’s life, family, and community and not blaming your problems on other people. The video begins by showing a loving father going home with his two sons to his wife – a strong black family united and in peace. Shot in various locations like tunnels, a museum, and with murals, snow, and city skylines as the background, this song couldn’t be any more real or needed. The beat and hook are tight, and the lyrics are solid and thought provoking: “Try to blame the other man, but I can’t/If I fail without a plan, guess what? It’s on me.” Precise makes it known that he is mindful of what has been called the lost generation with other lyrics like “Time is standing still, a generation is lost/Blame it on the “C’s” when you know it’s our fault” and “For the youth we struggle/Try to keep them out of trouble.”

“It’s On Me” should make viewers and listeners take a deep look at themselves. It is a hard hitting, no holds barred, but truthful, meaningful and thoroughly entertaining piece of work.

Precise - “It’s On Me”

Monday, July 4, 2011

“Rucktuk Girl” by Dezi Boyd

“Rucktuk Girl” by Dezi Boyd is a reggae track with just a hint of country to make it interesting. Featuring the rap of Ms. Lady Kane which is perfect and tight, the song is one that you can get your groove on to or just listen to while riding. Unconventional and unique, the song salutes Rucktuk girls who are obviously well liked by this artist with “everything in the right place, and bodies swirling.” The back and forth play between Dezi Boyd and Lady Kane make “Rucktuk Girl” a jam full of flavor, guitar, percussion, and reggae soul.

“Rucktuk Girl” by Dezi Boyd

Friday, July 1, 2011

Saint Anger - "Between Us"

Hip Hop/R&B artist Saint Anger’s video “Between Us” featuring J. Tait is a reminder that even in the hard core world of rap, there’s room for love. This is a video and track that you’ll want to be watching when it’s time to chill out with that special someone after a long day or right before a long night. With a smooth, swagging beat and lyrics, this is definitely one to chill by. Live shots of the artist and his lady love in various places keep the video real and the focus on the lyrics, which are tight and sweet. Sometimes when you get back from the club, you need to soften it up just a bit to get the mood right, and Saint Anger fills that void with “Between Us.” He’s is on top of his game with this one in all respects.

Saint Anger - "Between Us"

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader - "Windows Tinted Grey"

The video, "Windows Tinted Grey" by hip hop/rap master Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader jumps off with a very nice beat and the chant "Windows Tinted Grey/Rollig down the highway/." It's a smoking testimony to getting your high on in motion. The track is absolutely one that will make anyone hit the dance floor and party hard, and this groove will give you a high all by itself. The SUV/minivan that Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader is driving as he slams down very tight lyrics reminds you of the front of an airplane, but with the way this song and video take off, it's all good. This artist takes the art of making nice beats with cool lyrics to a new level, and the result is funk-tastic!

Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader - "Windows Tinted Grey"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader - "Prom Queen"

“Prom Queen,” by hip hop rapper Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader, depicts the story of a young “lady” who sells pleasure for money. The scene is set at hotels and motels where she is seen making herself hot and sexy, and when she’s done with the hair, makeup and clothes, she hits the streets searching for men and money. It’s absolutely the right storyline for the song, which has a nice beat and flow. Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader is a talented rapper, lively, cool, and seems to be well gifted at his craft. His flow is solid and he doesn’t miss a beat telling about the “Prom Queen.” The music moves right along with the rap, and the angelic little harmonic background is perfect to capture the innocence and irony of the “Prom Queen,” both in name and spirit. It all comes together well to sell this rapper’s message, although, as with many rap videos and songs, it is a bit risqué and explicit.

Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader - "Prom Queen"

The Locals - "Everything Must Go"

Shot in Chicago using stop motion and chalk board animation, the video “Everything Must Go” by the alternative pop/rock band The Locals is fresh and innovative. The Locals serve up a powerful sound with the track’s pounding rock libations, with the bass and guitar coming in with a nice, but edgy slant. Strong vocals lead the track into a hard groove that is the perfect backdrop for the video which captivates and entertains viewers quite supremely. As the band takes you on a musical ride, the video stimulates your visual senses with the chalk board animation and stop motion shots of the band performing their single. It is brilliantly brought to life in different times, lighting, and colors. The story shows the main character, “Marty,” in an ominous position as his home begins to crack apart all around him. The adventure continues to unfold in a delightful and deliciously fun way, showing great style and imagination. “Everything Must Go” is directed by Samantha Westerling with the story by Jen Larson. Old school chalk board animation sensation Jack Haynes also lends his artistry talents to the video.

The Locals - "Everything Must Go"

Monday, June 13, 2011

"PUMP IT" Dj Blaine & Barona feat. Lane McCray

The video “Pump It” by DJ Blaine & Barona featuring Lane McCray is a dance/synth fusion that will rock the clubs and keep those inside happy and on their feet. It’s the kind of jam that is for serious dancers who know how to move and love to do it. Showcasing the singer and dancers in the parking lot, in the club, and in the groove – this one is all about the dance.

The singer inspires you to join him with great music and lyrics like, “On the floor/In the club/Make your body touch the sky/Feel the groove/Pump the move/Spread your wings/Now you fly/You can pump it!”/ Full of dance energy, lights, music, and movement, “Pump It” holds the viewer’s attention with the singer’s energy and the party surrounding the video. It’s a dance party explosion – one that’s not to be missed. You can pump it!

"PUMP IT" Dj Blaine & Barona feat. Lane McCray

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cutting Edge - "Without You"

The video “Without You,” written and performed by singer/songwriter Liza Pesnell for her husband David (both of whom are founding members of the band Cutting Edge), is a beautiful testimony to love and happiness. The video begins with picturesque images of the sky and various beautiful and tranquil nature shots, which continue throughout, along with pictures of Liza and David separately, and the two of them together at various ages and stages in their lives. Serene and charming, both the song and video are meant to evoke emotion, and indeed they do. Liza’s vocals, along with spoken word in a male voice while she sings background, fully convey the love that she feels for her husband. All of this is surrounded by a photo album of memories that make a relationship special, and invite the viewer into their lives. While the video lasts only a few moments, we see a lifetime of precious recollections, all of which most of us have experienced at one time or another in our lives if we were lucky enough to have met that special someone. A very nice blend of synth, percussions and flute combine to make a smooth rhythm that allows the viewer to be locked into the video and their own sweet reminiscences.

Cutting Edge - "Without You"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Playa Vs Playa Round 1 - Swurvradio

The video “Playa v Playa Round 1!” is an entertaining look at the sounds and skills of a live hip hop DJ. Bringing his sense of humor to the turntable as well as his talent,’s DJ KayPlaya plays dual roles, battling himself in different clothing and on two different turntables. Bringing back to life some of the old school original music and a little new school as well, DJ KayPlaya bangs out some serious remixes, dancing and grooving all the while. It’s a show to behold as one song after another becomes the stage for the showdown between the two (or the one). While the outcome in the DJ battle may seem to be a tie, the clear winner is the viewer. The talented DJ keeps the dancing tight, and the music pumping and right on the edge where it started and has managed to stay since its inception.

Playa Vs Playa Round 1 - Swurvradio by MusicDishTV

Monday, May 30, 2011

Cutting Edge - "Judas of D.C."

The video "Judas of D.C." by rock/alternative band Cutting Edge is a musical and visual protest against the betrayal of the American people by Washington, D.C. politicians. No one is spared as it gets the message across with rock and rap that we have chosen those who are currently in office, but they're not carrying on the people's business. Images of the band begin the video, but are quickly replaced by pictures of well- known politicians and political cartoon features. With hard hitting lyrics like, "A few of the people decided you started out as good/You were chosen among the many/And we thought you understood/Then we sent you to D.C. to represent our state/And that's when you betrayed us and we all lost faith/Your insane betrayal, guess who paid for all the cost?/You turned your back on us when we needed you the most/We knew the place you were headed and it was so plain to see/You became one of them -- a Judas of D.C./, it's quite clear that this band isn't timid about speaking their minds on this subject. Fast paced, fun, and clean with a great rock vibe, this video addresses a very serious subject in an innovative and entertaining way.

Cutting Edge - "Judas of D.C."

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pennan Brae - "Pathways"

Directed by Mogcat and shot in Canada and in 6 states in the U.S. over a 10 day period, covering 6,000 miles, Pennan Brae's video "Pathways" from his debut release Shaded Joy conveys the story of a couple who are obviously experiencing some turbulence in their relationship. Initially, the young woman waits for her lover with anticipation at a restaurant, and they continue to text each other while he makes a trek that seems to take him across the world and through all types of terrain and weather. He walks in haste with the sole purpose of getting to her, but an apparent pain from the past won't allow her to believe that he's really coming. One of his last text messages to her is that "He's almost there" and to "Order a beer" for him. She responds, "Sure you are," waits a few more moments and then departs to the ladies room in disillusionment. Mere seconds later, he arrives, doesn't see her, and leaves. It's a lesson about how sometimes we fail to give each other the benefit of the doubt when we should and how if you just believe and hold on, what you've been waiting for might be just around the corner. The video is an emotional one, almost invoking tears at the end when you realize that if either of them had only given the other a break and not given up, they would be together.

Musically, the folksy harmonica plays a huge role in the song, both as part of the background and as a solo. The piano, drums, guitar and bass carry the tune well, which is easygoing and part Americana and country. Brae's mellow voice is perfect for "Pathways," which is quite touching, with lyrics like 'As the daylight shines/My mind is calmly thinking/When the evening calls/Your light is gently sinking' and 'As you draw the blinds/To end another day/Should our pathways fail/Good luck along the way'.

Watch "Pathways" On MusicDishTV

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cutting Edge - If The Walls Could Talk

The band Cutting Edge knows how to make a political statement with both impact and style. They simply do it musically, in a way that captures your attention and never lets go. Their video, "If The Walls Could Talk" begins with a powerful guitar lead that is backed up by a bass and rhythm guitar that go into overdrive bringing it all together. The piercing lyrics kick off a pretty substantial critique of the workings of our government, bringing to light the questions "If the walls could talk on Capital Hill, what do you think they would say? Would it be a place of honor or a place worse than hell? How can they say they truly feel our pain, when we're the ones who suffer and they're the ones that gain?" Greedy, power hungry politicians who do not have the people's best interest in mind are not spared the rod by this group.

"If The Walls Could Talk" reminds one of the way music videos used to be made – always moving, very busy and highly intriguing. It begins with a live performance and shifts constantly between pictures of the Capital in Washington, D.C., the "devils" in Washington, and scenes indicative of seduction, manipulation and crookedness. The point is firmly driven home with a talking mouth that appears on various sites in D.C. and other famous places, mouthing the words to the song, even throwing in images from Star Trek, Jay Leno and others. Highly creative and entertaining, the video is a perfect match for the track, which is thought provoking and expresses the sentiments of the way most Americans feel about the government. It's impossible to stop watching as it grabs you at the proverbial collar and leaves you thinking about what the walls would indeed say if they could talk. The perfect mixture of rock, rap, and frankness make "If The Walls Could Talk" cutting edge, fun, fresh, and fantastic!

Watch "If The Walls Could Talk" on MusicDishTV:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PLUNKY & ONENESS - Plunky On Fire

The video "Plunky On Fire" by Plunky & Oneness is a live performance that was taped at the Martini Kitchen & Bubble Bar in Richmond, Virginia. First of all, kudos to the venue, an oasis of sophistication that would have been necessary to contain the hotness, professionalism, and savvy of an act such as Plunky & Oneness. The track and video build a fire so hot, you just can't sit still and don't want to! The flame changes colors from red to blue to white hot, climbing higher and higher as Plunky and his band throw down a rhythmic melody that makes you want to jump up and get busy while you're 'Burning, Burning'! A fantastic horn section and synthesizer start things off as the band declares that it's "Oh so hot" and "I'm on Fire", and you best believe they are.

This is definitely one groove that will bring everybody to their feet. The video is tastefully done, and the band, dancing, and fire sequences are captured and executed perfect. With a dance hall, jazzy, Jamaican, and just plain funky beat, the message comes across loud and clear that Plunky is indeed on fire. The performance and audience participation are more than impressive, and watching this video makes you wish you had been there to join in on this night because it was obviously a memorable experience, and one that this reviewer wishes she had been a part of.

Watch it now on MusicDishTV:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Video: O.D - My Town

"My Town" by O.D. is a strong hip hop/rap piece with a fresh flow! With a catchy hook, and a nice flow to the track, O.D. is banging out beats with a steady buildup to get the ballers on the dance floor. The video shows O.D. and his crew in several different public sites in London as he flexes his musical muscle and declares that it's his town. The lyrics are smooth and flow well to good club beats with a nice horn and synthesizer background. The bass is pumping, bodies are bumping, and when you see it, you'll know "It's A London Thing!!!"

Watch "My Town" On MusicDishTV:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mase "We Miss You" (Official Video)

The video "We Miss You" by hip hop/R&B artist Mase is a well-produced, sophisticated and savvy video that is a beautiful tribute to his father who passed away. It depicts a son who has obvious material successes, and suggests that the influence of his father helped him to make the choices that allow him to live that way. In the video and track, Mase brings you into his world as he shows and tells how his father's demise all went down, and it's an emotional and touching experience. He's singing a song of remembrance and honor for the fatherly support and love that he knew and lost, asking the question "What am I supposed to do in this crazy world without you?" and issuing affirmative and heartfelt statements like "I am never gonna forget all the time you spent with me". The song should serve as an inspiration to all fathers to do what a loving one like his did – to shape the future that one has created. The music is a good accompaniment to lyrics that are gripping and never let go.

The track has a nice beat with a somewhat mysterious sound of electronic water, a nice guitar with background, and accompanying female vocals that are fantastic. "We Miss You" is a must see, must hear video and track.

Watch "We Miss You" on YouTube:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tony Adamo - "What Is Hip"

Tony Adamo's video "What Is Hip" brings both old school and new music together as it provides us with an Interesting view of the group Tower of Power performing their original hit "What Is Hip," and showcasing an incredibly impressive rhythm section in the process. Adamo does a great job speaking about the group and explaining the history of 70's music and the Oakland, California groove, and it's obvious that he has much respect for both. The video then segways to scenes of Adamo performing his version of "What Is Hip". It's always great to see today's musicians giving respect to those who came before them, and Adamo is deep in the groove with a new conception of voice n' funk with an infectious slice of soul. This track is a fantastic mid-tempo blending of jazz and funk, keeping you in its grasp from beginning to end. There are no computer tricks here – only real music from real musicians that will make you move to the bass, guitar, piano, trumpet, drums, sax and background vocals. Many props go out to both Tower Of Power and Tony Adamo on this one!

Tony Adamo - "What Is Hip"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robert Lauri - "Blueland"

Robert Lauri's avant-garde/experimental video and song "Blueland" off his new album "Power In Heaven" takes you to a place far, far away, allowing your mind to be free flowing along the avenues of adventure and imagination with instruments overlapping and swirling together to form a tranquil harmony and a feeling of peace and tranquility. But "Blueland" is perfect for many moods – relaxing, being contemplative and/or reflective, working, or cruising behind the wheel of your car on a picturesque day. The flute, synthesizer, guitar and percussion provide the perfect backdrop for the striking harmonic piano foundation which repeats throughout the track, keeping the song centered and the listener entranced. "Blueland" has a strong Asian sound and quality about it, which only adds to the serene and natural quality of the song. The percussion really comes to life in the end, taking the track to a new level, where dancers move their bodies in sync fervently in a beautiful and rhythmic way.

In keeping with the theme of the music, the video shows nature in all of its splendor and glory, pictures of seemingly prehistoric and medieval times, pyramids, and ancient and famous sites. "Blueland" is an extract from the album Power In Heaven, which is scheduled for release at the end of April. Music and arrangements are by Robert Lauri, and video editing was done by Anna Clara Passarelli.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

MTHDS - "Positive Movement"

The video "Positive Movement" from Colorado based hip hop and funk group MTHDS (Music That Heightens Different Senses) features the six member group (L, Don Dilly, Johnny, Neil, Chip and Durtee) dressed as zombies, bloodied by the battle of life. But a funky beat, great harmony and absolutely positive lyrics soon reveal the intended message: "Never in my life did I imagine there'd be peace/In a world of poverty and constant tragedy/Then I found music and used it as release/Started a movement and started spreading positivity". The desire for positivity and unity, the ultimate theme of the video and song, are creatively expressed in a manner that captures and hold the viewer's attention. With pop/hip hop/rock influences, the video shows the group members in various acts of kindness and humanity – everything from rescuing a cat and returning it to its owner, to a scene where a mass of people are engaged in fellowship and unity, and finally to clips of the band playing live. It's a great song, a great video, and a message that needs to be spread widely and continuously.

The video was filmed, directed and produced by Ryan Gaddis, Tyler Kellogg, Laura Hemler, and Joe Deats (CAM Records/UCD).

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brandon Jarod "The Crush" live at 45 Degrees 1-11-11

Brandon Jarod "The Crush"

Brandon Jarod and his band performed at the 45 Degrees Martini Lounge in Chesapeake, Virginia on January 11, 2011. The band includes Tyrone Jordan on bass, Brian Athens on drums, and Brandon singing vocals and playing guitar. The video is a live performance of the song "The Crush" from the album/EP of the same name, which is available on iTunes and Amazon. The song, which is a slow tempo mix of pop, rock, and R&B, is about relationships. "The Crush" speaks to the darker side of love in which there is pain, with lyrics that include the statements: "True love gets hard sometimes," "I'm going to make you beg for mercy," and "Going to find my revenge on Valentine's". It's a moving performance by Brandon and company, though somewhat hard to hear at times. Brandon showcases his talent as a guitarist with a nice solo that adds just the right touch to a heartfelt composition.