Monday, December 27, 2010

Ferris Wheel - Michael Sarver - Official Music Video

Michael Sarver was the Top 10 Contestant on Season 8 of American Idol. His new CD has been released at the end of July, 2010.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

African Flava - Denise Gordon - The Best of African Music (One World - One Love edition)

The track “African Flava” by artist Denise Gordon from the album The Best of African Music (One World One Love Edition) is a world music lovers dream. With an upbeat tempo that has an African rhythm infused with a bit of a reggae sound, it’s a feel good song that makes you want to celebrate the motherland by getting up and dancing. Singer Denise Gordon who normally records in the R&B genre, shows that she can hang with the best of them in the world music arena with this video which is fun and colorful, displaying African art and symbolism throughout.

The tracks of the album "The Best of African Music (One World - One Love edition), have been carefully selected and compiled by Didier Kussu, based on the following

- Each track must contain some typical African music elements

- Songs with lyrics must be positive and uplifting

The outcome is the best Christmas gift of 20 lovely songs for true music lovers.

Featured artists are Akon, Keri Hilson, Nneka, Paul Play Dairo, NAS, Damian Marley, Ed Jatto, Obiora Obiwon, Tate Simms, Adonye Green, Blackface Naija, Seun Kuti, TEA, Shaman's Dream,
Jason Farnham, Cesar Funck, Proofsound, Denise Gordon, Miss Maawa, Sunburn In Cyprus, Afrotech Project, Basiru Suso, Eddie "SEA" Caldwell, Gene Katsuro among others.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"I'm So Afraid" - A Duet By Diane Marino And Robert Lauri

The very talented ne Marino and Robert Lauri combine their musical worlds in an "international" duet of harmony and synergy in a French recording entitled "J'Ai Si Peur" (I'm So Afraid). The arrangements were done by Robert Lauri, who also composed the music along with Danielle Bennaim, with lyrics by Claudine Marousek-Dornhakl. The Marino-Lauri duet is unquestionably successful: Diane's voice complements Robert's beautifully, and the performance by both artists releases a magical harmony that tells the story of a couple who has been through the ups and downs of life and seen bad times, but who finally has found a love so strong and pure that they are finally no longer afraid anymore. Romantic to the core, whether you parlez vous Francais or not, you will enjoy this emotional and heart wrenching performance.


"I'm So Afraid" - Video Link:

Lyrics: J'Ai Si Peur (I'm so Afraid)

I'm so afraid to see happiness vanishing

I know that trembling does not help

But how can we sleep quietly telling ourselves that nothing

Can take this away, not tomorrow, not ever

I'm so afraid that everything will break and die

In less than a day, in less than an hour

Quicker than we see flowers wither

I'm so afraid to see pain come,

To see misfortune invade our happy home

But how can we protect ourselves from torment, from the wind,

from the rain and anger and the demons of the earth

Oh, I'm so afraid that everything will break and die

In less than a day, in less than an hour

Despite myself, I'm so afraid

To be afraid cannot it harm happiness, our happiness

I fear it; however we owe him well

To have put a large blue sky in our life, our life

Beautiful words of love which shine upon all our days

Oh Now that far from us are the torments

Far from us all bad winds

The rains which wet springs

Don't be afraid don't be afraid of our hearts

Nothing can change the mood

To make evil with our happiness

Do not say any more I'm so afraid

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Don't Know Me" by Nenna Yvonne

"Don't Know Me" by Nenna Yvonne is an up tempo dance track, with an Electro/Techno beat to it. Her vocals are similar to a Britney Spears dance song with synthesized background vocals. It's a great song to get the dance floor packed and ideal for a nightclub. The video showcases Nenna singing and dancing in various scenes, attire and lighting with special affects as she gets the message across to her man that she's doing okay, she's not complicated, and he doesn't know her as well as he thinks he does. She's spunky and funky delivering the news with impact and style. If you don't know her, you'll want to by the video's end.


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