Monday, November 23, 2009

Rukas Juice - Live My Life

Michael Cornell (director) and Tracey Paleo (executive producer) team up to turn musician Kameron White’s music into visual form. White is the lead singer and composer of the Los Angeles band, Rukas Juice. After hearing Rukas Juice’s “Live My Life,” Cornell and Paleo began to develop and create a video that would take in all the senseless chaos of the economic crisis and spit it back out with a rock-and-roll twist in this smart and witty wake-up call. This rock video for "Live My Life" provides a "light handed, but sharp look at American idealism and the Wall Street bailout in the face of the financial crisis currently rocking the world."

Director / Executive Producer - Michael Cornell
Storyboard - Michael Cornell
Executive Producer - Tracey Paleo

Lead Singer/Composer / Rukas Juice - Kameron White
Guitar - Joong-Han Chung
Special Appearance by Lara Garcia
Director of Photography Michael Norquest
Editing - John Brookbank
Semplice Pictures / Brink Tank Productions

Check out for more info on Rukas Juice.

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