Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fiona Joy Hawkins in Concert at the Q Theatre Sydney: Fiona on piano and vocals, Rebecca Daniels plays violin and vocals, Trish McMeakin plays cello and Andy Busuttil plays saxillo, clarinet, percussion and vocals. Interestingly, it was 45 degrees celsius that day (HOT) and so it was a case of strip down or die! So I played the second half in pajamas!!! Tracks are from Blue Dream (produced by legendary Will Ackerman), Portrait of a Waterfall and Angel Above my Piano by Fiona Joy Hawkins and played on a Stuart and Son's piano (from Newcastle Australia).

Fiona Joy Hawkins has been playing piano all her life. She started as a classical pianist but soon embraced New Age and more eclectic styles giving her sound a 'visual effect', creating music that, according to Hawkins, "evokes images and emotions and tells a story". She has received many awards for her music and has released four albums and more singles became available for purchase on iTunes.

In this video she shows all the passion and versatility of her songwriting, influences ranging from classical to world music and chill out. The fruition of her music remains universal, and the beauty endless.

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