Friday, April 9, 2010

Brilliant high energy song that moves right through you - transforming - growing wings... flying where we once crawled... Chrysalis' vocal tracks fly - tagged by a 5-note hypnotic refrain that keeps repeating insistently as the heavily distorted bass, guitar and drums create a sonic landscape that is the place of transformation inside you.. me.. us.. captured on camera in this 3min49sec visual of cultureDef - emerging as one of N.America's most dynamic new rock bands.
cultureDef's first feature video offering... Chrysalis - directed and edited by Rory Blanchard, camera by Rory Blanchard and Scot Proudfoot.
lead vocals - david black
guitar/vocals zufo
guitar - logan constant
bass - jamie sitar
drums - steve senyk
written by zufo
published by Write Songs - Will Travel and Randy Bachman
zufo © 2010

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