Monday, September 20, 2010

Julien Drolon Harness The Power Of Music For Peace

Pop singer/songwriter Julien Drolon released his debut single “Peace
Through Music” as well as the video to accompany the track on today,
September 21st. The date of the release coincides with the imposition
of martial law on September 21 1983, following the death of Filipino
National Hero Ninoy Aquino a month earlier. It is also the
International Day of Peace. “Peace Through Music” is the lead single
from Julien's upcoming album Time For Peace, which is expected to be
released in March 2011.

If you’ve ever daydreamed of taking a tropical vacation, sipping a
fruity drink and dancing in the white sand, “Peace Through Music”
would be the song playing in the back of your mind. With its reggae
beat, pop guitar and harmonic supporting vocals, “Peace Through Music”
is every bit a fun song. But as the title implies, the song carries a
message of “love, peace and harmony” which is precisely what French-
born Julien Drolon hopes to inspire in his fans.

“Peace Through Music” can be purchased at iTunes:

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