Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mister Jack - Pretty-Damn-Cool

Pretty-Damn-Cool, by the U.K.'s pop/punk/ska/reggae master Mister Jack, is a high energy video. A muted guitar gets the band rolling on this song, and the drums soon follow this 80's style feel. The band all jumps in with a bass and guitar playing the same melody in tandem, utilizing a broken ascending diminished scale. Building up the energy for the vocals that follow the breakdown, Mister Jack comes in talking about a girl on his street that's pretty sweet. The humor kicks in as he continues to describe her. He sings the hook with sing along overdubs, "I don't know what it is about you". After the hook, the band responds with the same unison pattern and Mister Jack continues to narrate more of the song. It's fun, it's funny, and it's pretty damn cool.

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