Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MusicDishTV Presents The Coolest Bruva Remix By Tyrone Feat Edawg, DJ Topspin

Tyrone releases the video for "The Coolest Bruva remix" featuring Edawg and DJ Topspin. The short-filmed styled video was filmed and directed by Tyrone; while David Toledo at Unified Outreach Studio's created the animation. The cartoonist D. Toledo known for his comic book, cartoons and outreach; took the video to another level with the animation of the artists. The video will be submitted to Indie-Film festivals worldwide.

The short film styled video is a mix of video and animation taking the viewers down memory lane with kids portraying a young Tyrone and Edawg. The story is unique as is the mix of animation and the throwback footage showing young versions of Tyrone, Edawg and friends; while the animation is a glimpse into grown versions of the artists. The song features Edawg of Grammy Award winning Sir Mix-A-Lot's Rhyme Cartel Label. Edawg's "I dip"; single reached #1 on Rap Network's National charts and his new single "Rocket Ship" is expected to climb to the #1 position as is the Coolest Bruva remix.

The song is another remix of the lead single from Tyrone's debut album "Heavy labor no breaks". To date the song's catchy chorus and hypnotic beat has been remixed 2 times, chopped & screwed, and re-released by fan's, DJ's and producers worldwide.

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