Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents Duane O'Conner's "The Hunt Is On"

Calypso superstar Duane O'Conner's video "The Hunt Is On" is full of energy, humor and fun as it addresses serious social and political issues. It's very entertaining, danceable calypso music, and in the video he gives a live, spirited, captivating performance at the Dimanche Gras 2012, parading and marching around the stage singing and entertaining the crowd in Trinidad while wearing a bulletproof vest over his suit. The brass section leads the way of the calypso band which has strong horns and vibrant background singers. The video was obviously shot with a camcorder, but this doesn't take away from Duane's intense charisma which endures from beginning to end. The video ends as 'Mr. Gibbs' comes onstage and Duane hands over the mike, only to be escorted (all in fun) from the stage. The crowd lights up and is under Duane's spell for the duration, hypnotized by his lyrics, the story, and the delivery of it. With performances like this, it's understandable how he dethroned Karene Asche at the Calypso Monarch competition, walking away with both the title and the $1 million that came with it.

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