Sunday, October 14, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "Tell Me What You See" By Rock Group Death By Chocolate

Rock group Death By Chocolate's new video "Tell Me What You See" is very visually interesting and stimulating. With time lapse slow motion, a beautiful woman, and violence with a S&M twist, this video captivates. A very upbeat rock track with hard pounding sound accompanies the video quite nicely. Death By Chocolate's "Tell Me What You See" is well performed and produced. The lead vocalist's voice and style is more than ample as he delivers on this jamming song. With the band rocking hard, this cut is a winner. They add a little Indian melody and all kinds of hard core treats. The video is humorous and entertaining (and steaming hot) while the music is hard core and shows just how rock is supposed to be done.


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