Saturday, January 28, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "Give It To Me Now" by NazB

Pleasure and lots of it is the driving force behind NazB's video "Give It To Me Now." The video, directed by Shamsheed Sobha (Studio-S) is a very high quality professional one, and is so full of heat that you just might need a cold shower after watching it. With a strong, thumping beat, the base, keyboards, pipes, and drums provide the perfect backdrop for NazB's colorful and creative lyrics about having his desires fulfilled without delay, declaring - "Shorty, give it to me raw/Give it to me now".

Beautiful seductive women, fine cars, dancers, and a hot club scene work well together to convey the message that life is all about living it at the top and having what you want when you want it. No waiting allowed - if, of course, you can kick it like NazB. Visually stimulating, "Give It To Me Now" is racy, powerful and captivating. Though the message is simple, it is one that is delivered powerfully as NazB sets it off in both English and French, which has a reputation for being the language of love. His accent and tone combine perfectly with the pulse of the music to provide a video experience extraordinaire.


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