Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The video "Gimme Dat" takes a very interesting approach as the plot is laid out in a story form and the talented young rapper enters telling a deep, sobering, but very real story and asking the question that separates humans from the apes from which we supposedly evolved - Why? Why must things be the way they are? He then gives some very hard core answers that slice straight through to the truth like a knife cutting through butter. It's not Robin Hood, it's "robbing in the hood."

A serious mix of interesting piano, drums, synth, and percussion make this a message that is easy to listen to. The video director was very talented in aggressive in his (or her) approach. The music is one of a kind with lyrics that will captivate you, delivering the sad details about what's going on in the hood and describing the mentality of young brothers who do the terrible things with which our television screens and newspapers are bombarded. "Gimme Dat" is real talk set to music, and at the end, you will find yourself wanting to hear and see more, and you might just find yourself wanting the "bad guys" to get away. Nicely done.

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