Monday, July 16, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "Wake" By The Rift

The Rift's video and track "Wake" is a well-produced, highly entertaining surprise. The alternative band starts this high energy groove out with just a little guitar and percussion that is very laid back and mellow. After a small pause, they light the house up with a fiery sound of rock that is second to none. The video shows the band performing the song, and it is a high octane performance indeed, changing tempos at least twice. The lead vocalist has the perfect voice for this track and he hits the high notes with strength and in perfect tune. In fact, all of the band members play with passion and fervor. Background vocals are great, and the band's style is actually reminiscent of Aerosmith. The band pauses the singing for an instrumental jam session, and they really put everything they have into it. Whatever else they are, they are musicians first, and it shows. Their talent is undeniable, and this is one of best songs, performances, and videos I've seen in a while. If "Wake" doesn't make you get up and dance or pump you full of energy, there's a problem.


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