Thursday, August 2, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "Top 5" By MC Kublakai

Northwest born MC Kublakai's video and track, "Top 5," is a semi-chronicle of the young rapper's journey into the world of hip hop. It's a really cool, honest, and refreshing look into Kublakai's life and his discovery of the big names in the game of rap. "Top 5" is a tribute to hip hop and the artists who helped shape the genre and change the industry and culture that, like Rock and Roll, is now a huge part of the American way of life. Big props for this history lesson set to a deep beat. Kublakai flows effortlessly as he weaves a story of his own life and how it was impacted by hip hop, leading to much respect for it. He mentions and shows a lot of the greats from back in the day who made all of us wake up to rap and hip hop. The video is smooth and entertaining, and though it is most the young talent as he spits, there are other well placed visuals. Kublakai has a great sound, and one that is actually distinctive, which is both a rarity and a treat. And there's just something about him that makes you want to like him, which is probably the fact that he comes off as being very genuine. The video, which is professionally shot and produced, is very strong and accomplishes its goal of showing the great love that exists for the music and the connection hip hop music has to the past. This is an excellent video, and a very good performance from an artist that this reviewer would like to see and hear a lot more from.


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