Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "Fallen" By Americana/Country Rocker Eliot Wayne

What a way to capture a solid rock band! The producers of Americana/country rock Elliott Wayne's "Fallen" did a great job shooting this driving quick tempo song with well-placed cameramen, with the first stage right, the second stage left, and another behind Elliot and to the left of the drummer who was giving the performance of a lifetime. Another camera in front captured the energy of the band with close ups of Elliot's guitar as he played with passion and intensity. The edits were excellent, adding to the energy, and excitement of "Fallen". The harmony on this song is powerful with strong open intervals between Elliot and the backup vocals of his bass player. The guys were dressed "garage band" casual, but be advised, they are most definitely a strong rocking trio, and it's hard to believe that they were unsigned in 2011! Kudos to Producer Chuck Miller and editor Alex Henley for very smartly done cuts on this video.


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