Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "Hello" By Award Winning DJ JP

"Hello", a new animated video from the award winning DJ JP, explodes onto the screen with a massive bass and Electro pop track. The low voice speaks in English, and it's very humorous and entertaining with very simply drawn characters moving around on a black background. The bass has an elastic sound, and a moving line that sounds like a jazz walking bass. A little man in a hat is searching everywhere as he walks past the country side flowers, and through the rain storm to find someone he's trying to talk to, but can't hear. The music becomes more intense as the kick drum and high note keyboards keep climbing higher in tension, and the poor little man just keeps trekking through the city traffic. Ahhh, finally the payoff comes as night falls, and our hero is joined by many friends that came to dance, and party! "Thanks for coming!". This will be perfect when fans come to hear JP spin at one of his shows! Smartly placed social buttons are on the end of the video for social media sites, offering fans numerous ways to connect with DJ JP.


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