Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MusicDishTV presents Robert Nix - Walk Down the Street

Robert Nix’s video for “Walk Down the Street” is one that’s difficult to explain, but incredibly pleasing to watch.  He is a post-contemporary composer, but his music is so much more.  The video follows Nix as he records the various instruments in the song, creating a fully experimental and pop-rock fusion track.  He throws in some cut scenes of himself walking aimlessly through his home-city of Toronto to represent the theme of his song; being lost.  The cinematography supports the theme as well, as the dissonance of the shaky camera certainly makes the viewer feel a little lost.   The compassion in his voice and power in his presence in the video allows the video to almost attain a sense of spirituality. 
All in all, this is a fantastic video from top to bottom.  Robert Nix is a mastermind and he displays a true love for his craft.  Teaming up with filmmaker Rohim “Badmash” Thakur was a terrific decision and “Badmash” certainly fulfilled his responsibilities.  

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